Wordle 246: February 20, 2022 Answer

February 20th’s Wordle answer is ready to break some long-standing win streaks. Here are some hints, and the full answer, to today’s Wordle.

February 20th’s Wordle answer is going to put many players’ win-streaks in jeopardy. Wordle is a word guessing game that gained popularity throughout the beginning of 2022 due to its simple gameplay, once-a-day puzzles, and excellent social media sharing ability. Since its acquisition by The New York Times, Wordle has started to trend to the more difficult side of the word spectrum, and today is no different.

Wordle is played on a 5×6 grid and tasks players with guessing a five-letter word within six chances. After a random starting word is used, the game will provide clues to the correct answer by highlighting letters green if they are correct, yellow if they are correct but in the wrong spot, or grey if they are not in the word at all. This information should be taken by the player and used to attempt a different word. The game ends when the correct word is guessed, or the player runs out of chances. There is also a ‘Hard Mode’ in Wordle that players can turn on in the options menu. This forces the players to use the clues given and doesn’t allow letters to be reused if proven incorrect, or rearranged if shown to be correct.


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Wordle has a social media sharing ability that can be directly tied to its popularity. After a puzzle is won or lost, players can copy and paste their gameplay to their favorite social media sites. The game uses small colored emoji boxes to represent the attempts that the player made without spoiling the actual words used. This, combined with the lack of a direct link in the posts, has drawn more and more players searching for, and playing, Wordle.

Wordle’s February 20th, 2022 (#246) Hints & Answer

Wordle February 20th 246 Sunday Attempt

For the players who don’t directly want today’s Wordle answer, we’ve provided a few hints to help out.

  • Hint 1: Today’s Wordle answer contains a double letter.
  • Hint 2: Teller, of Penn & Teller, is an example of today’s answer.
  • Hint 3: Today’s Wordle should be understood without stating it.

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Wordle 246 Answer (February 20)

The answer to February 20th’s Wordle is TACIT, which means silent or understood without being stated. For a starting Wordle word we used ROAST, this gave the correct spot for ‘T’ and an incorrectly placed ‘A’. Our next guess was TABLE, doing this helped place the ‘A’ and also showed that ‘T’ was a double letter, sadly this is a fact that we forgot throughout the rest of the guesses. TAFFY was the next guess which only yielded more incorrect letters, followed by TAXIS that correctly placed an ‘I’. The fifth guess was TAKIN, this only provided more incorrect letters. After staring at the screen for ten minutes, the sixth and final guess was TOUGH, we just couldn’t come up with the correct word. Despite the loss, Wordle taught us a new word for the day, which is a win.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This guide is for the New York Times version of the game, daily answers may vary if players haven’t refreshed their browsers.

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