Wordle 230: February 4, 2022 Answer

February 4th brings another, possibly difficult, word to Wordle. If the win-streak is in jeopardy, we have hints and the full answer to today’s game.

February 4th’s Wordle could cause some players to fold under the pressure and lose their year-long streak. Wordle is a one-a-day word guessing game that has enamored the internet with its simple premise and social media sharing ability. Played by many, this puzzle game is the perfect start to the morning or a nice short break in the middle of the workday.

Playing Wordle is simple, players are given six rows of five boxes each, the goal is to guess the randomized five-letter word within the chances. Players begin by randomly inputting a starter word, from there the game will highlight certain letters green if they are correct, yellow if they are correct but in the wrong spot, or grey if they are not in the word at all. Players then need to adjust their guess based on the information provided, and if they get the Wordle in less than six guesses they win. There is also a Wordle ‘Hard Mode’ that can be turned on in the options, this mode forces players to use the hints given previously by not allowing letters that have been shown to be incorrect and not allowing different placement of letters shown in green.


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Win or lose, players can still share their Wordle on social media with this ‘share’ button provided after the game. This copies the attempt at the game by removing the letters and using little colored emoji boxes that show the progression of guesses. This feature has helped Wordle gain popularity quickly as the spoiler-free design aesthetic continues to fill up Twitter and Facebook timelines. These ambiguities in the share feature only led to more and more people looking up the game and sharing their own journeys.

Wordle’s February 3rd, 2022 (#230) Hints & Answer

Wordle February 4th 230 Friday Attempt

Today’s Wordle answer is a bit more difficult and could ruin some people’s perfect year streak. For those who don’t wish to know the answer outright, we’ve provided a few hints to help, followed by the full-spoiler answer.

  • Hint #1: You can crease it, you can fold it, you can tuck it, either way, you make today’s Wordle answer.
  • Hint #2: There are no double letters, and the word contains the two most popular vowels.
  • Hint #3: Today’s Wordle makes a lovely skirt.

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Wordle 230 Answer (February 4)

If the hints didn’t give it away, February 4th’s Wordle is PLEAT. Having a strong starter word is the most important thing in the game and today we used ROAST. This gave us the ‘T’ in the right spot, and the ‘A’ in the incorrect spot. Losing ‘R’ and ‘S’ caused some issues on figuring out the next attempt but by pure luck, we got it in two guesses.

Despite fears of Wordle losing its free-to-play nature with the recent acquisition by the New York Times, it continues to be the perfect little distraction for a mid-day break.

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