Wonder Woman’s Darkest Transformation Turned Her into a Nazi

DC’s Elseworlds allow comic creators to tell stories that greatly alter iconic DC heroes. One in particular made Wonder Woman a champion for evil.

Typically, Wonder Woman fights for truth in DC Comics, defending the weak and protecting the world. She also frequently fights against Ares, the god of war. However, in Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy she became his ally.

Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy is an Elseworlds story published in 1996. It is a four-issue series from the creative team of Chris Claremont, Dusty Abell, Drew Geraci, Tom Orzechowski, Digital Chameleon, Gloria Vasquez, and Mike Carlin. Within it, Superman teams up with a new Wonder Woman, to stop the threat posed by Ares, who has aligned with the Nazi party.


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Due to her alliance with Ares against other Olympians, Diana is the champion of the Nazis. As a result, she isn’t truly Wonder Woman within this Elseworlds series. That role is taken up by Lois Lane, who – despite her age – is granted the abilities of Wonder Woman by Athena and Artemis. These transformations lead to a bout between Diana and Lois – one that is rather intense and initially appears fatal for Lois. Diana is usually a champion for justice with Ares being her main foe, but her power is undeniable regardless of her allegiances. This makes it particularly jarring to see Wonder Woman being portrayed as a champion of evil, donning a tiara emblazoned with a swastika.

Lois Lane began the story as an older woman, retiring from the Daily Planet. However, Athena and Artemis granted her the powers of Wonder Woman, as well as regained youth. Nonetheless, Diana is so strong, every punch she delivers to Lois removes a decade of her life. This quickly results in Lois aging beyond where she had before. The fight initially ends with Diana snapping her foe’s neck. Lois is revived and ultimately defeats her foe, eventually being able to help Superman bring down the gods within the Nazi regime. Nonetheless, Diana’s transformation into a Nazi champion is harrowing, as is her treatment of Lois within their first encounter.

This is definitely Diana’s darkest transformation and it is particularly harrowing considering the horrific history that the Nazi regime have. With this Elseworlds story DC Comics twisted one of its most inspiring heroines – as well as one of their oldest characters – and made her a disturbing, nearly unrecognizable villain. While it is fun to see Lois Lane take up the Wonder Woman mantle, Diana’s role in this comic is a far cry from her origins and principles. This comic series proves DC’s Elseworlds can take a character – even one as iconic as Wonder Woman – and twist them as much as possible, even if the result is barely recognizable compared to the original comics. These stories can be incredibly entertaining, or in this case, exceedingly dark. Wonder Woman is an inspirational heroine, making her transformation into a Nazi champion incredibly disturbing and twisted.

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