Why Shanna’s Eviction Was Especially Heartbreaking

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Shanna Moakler was voted out of the house unanimously, and her eviction was especially heartbreaking. Shanna, a 46-year-old model, actress, and reality television star who is originally from Providence, Rhode Island, quickly became a fan-favorite because she is a Big Brother superfan. In a season filled with celebrities who are not familiar with the game and therefore are not capable of creating strong strategies and making big moves, Shanna emerged as fighter who was exciting to watch. Shanna began her game in the “Girls and Gays” alliance with Carson Kressley, Cynthia Bailey, and Todrick Hall. However, when Miesha Tate became the first Head of Household, Shanna offered to spy on her allies for her. Todrick eventually aligned with Miesha, and the “Girls and Gays” alliance fell apart.


In the meantime, Shanna developed a strong bond in the game with Chris Kirkpatrick, with whom she made a final 2 deal. She won the Power of Veto during Chris’ HOH reign, and kept his nominations the same in order to evict Mirai Nagasu. When Miesha won her second HOH competition, Shanna and Chris grew tired of Miesha and Todrick’s domination of the game. Miesha nominated Carson and Cynthia for eviction, and, when Shanna won the veto, she and Chris created a plan to save Carson from the chopping block. Even though Chris knew that Miesha might nominate him in Carson’s place, he felt that it was worth it to shift the power in the house. Shanna saved Carson, and Chris was evicted by a unanimous vote. Even though he essentially backdoored himself, he felt that it was worth it to further Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna’s games, and, hopefully, weaken Miesha and Todrick’s alliance.

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In the next HOH competition, Carson emerged victorious. During the strenuous competition in which the houseguests had to stand on a moving wall for as long as possible, Carson and Todrick eventually were the only two remaining. Carson promised that he would not target Todrick for eviction during the week. However, Todrick was desperate to protect Miesha, and he revealed that Shanna had once been a double agent. He exaggerated the truth, and a shocked and confused Shanna tried to plead her case to Carson and Cynthia. She argued that, although she had been playing both sides in the beginning, she drew a line in the sand when she saved Carson against Miesha’s wishes. They would not listen to her, even though she had proven her loyalty to them. She was evicted by a unanimous vote. Shanna’s eviction was especially heartbreaking for the following reasons.

Todrick’s Exaggerations, Lies, & Personal Insults

Todrick Hall Celebrity Big Brother

In Todrick’s diary room sessions, he made it very clear that he had exaggerated and outright lied about some of the things that he said about Shanna. After conspiring with Miesha to ruin Shanna’s reputation, Todrick made his “Hail Mary” play in a last ditch effort to save Miesha from being targeted. Todrick told Cynthia that he was not going to say anything, but he felt that he should let her and Carson know that Shanna was throwing them under the bus. He said that this was how Shanna made her way through the game and navigates the real world outside of the house. Todrick was lying about all of this. He added, “I personally don’t respect what she stands for as a human being or how she has played this game.”

In an interview with EW, Shanna said that she never trusted Todrick, but he would always say that he wanted her to trust him. As a Big Brother superfan, Shanna confessed that she thought that Miesha and Todrick’s idea to blame her for “their schemes and backstabbing lying ways was, I guess, well played. They were able to convince them that I was the mastermind behind it all, which is hysterical to me.” Although she can respect strong gameplay, she does not condone the way that Todrick gets personal with the other houseguests. In an interview with Global TV, she said, “He just used race, color, creed and sexuality. Everything you could possibly imagine under the sun. I was thinking…Okay, Todrick. We all have had our own personal challenges on different levels.” Shanna said that Todrick “definitely plays the victim” and that he is “very, very convincing. He really plays with his heart on his sleeve. I just never trusted him and he knew it. I just read between the lines and could see what he was doing.” 

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Shanna continued that she witnessed Todrick saying so many horrible things about every single person in the house, that were personal and not about their gameplay. She said that it was very hurtful, and that she wanted to try to evict him and “take out the other bad seeds.”

Shanna’s Friends Carson & Cynthia Did Not Believe Her

Carson Kressley Cynthia Bailey

In her EW interview, Shanna shared that it is a “mystery” to her as to why Carson and Cynthia chose to believe Miesha and Todrick instead of her. She said that at one point they were so mad at her that she could not understand what Miesha and Todrick could possibly have said to make them that angry. She said that she “literally felt like I shot someone’s dog or something. It was just really bizarre. And you know, the more I tried to talk to them they just wouldn’t listen.” Shanna said that she began to suspect that they all had a four-person alliance that she was not aware of because of their strange behavior.

Shanna added, “I don’t care if I was in an alliance with, you know, Santa Claus, two weeks ago. When it came down to it, I pulled you off the block, I saved both your games, and my partner in crime went home. So it was like, what is happening? And they just wouldn’t talk to me!” Shanna said that Carson and Cynthia would instead say that they did not want to talk game for the day and they just wanted to have a nice, fun day.

Shanna said that it blew her mind that they would listen to Miesha and Todrick who, from day 1, did nothing but try to get them evicted from the house. She said that she knew that they would try to lie to Cynthia and Carson, and spin things in their favor, because Shanna had flipped the house and changed the game. She warned Cynthia that Miesha and Todrick would try to ruin their alliance and trust, and asked her to come and talk to her first. Shanna said that she gave them “a fighting shot,” but they still would not believe her. This was very frustrating for Shanna, especially since Carson had been in several alliances as well.

Shanna Was Bullied

Shanna Moakler 2

Fans watched in disbelief as gameplay turned into outright bullying. In her EW interview, Shanna admitted that things became very awkward and she felt “like I was in eighth grade being bullied, so it just got so strange.” She said that she knew that she was going to go home when she felt bullied. Shanna said that Carson and Cynthia did not try to speak to her in private, but instead, “They yelled at me in front of the whole house. I was like, I’m not fighting in the kitchen. I’m not gonna get into a screaming match. I’m just gonna walk away because I wasn’t gonna do a he said/she said. And, at the same time, I didn’t wanna give Todrick and Miesha the satisfaction of seeing them destroy our trust. That made me sad.” Live feed viewers saw that Shanna was very isolated in the house before her eviction, spending a lot of time alone because no one would talk to her. In an interview with TooFab, she revealed that she asked Julie Chen not to play any goodbye messages from the houseguests for her because “it was like torture” when they were ignoring her. Shanna just wanted to go home.

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Todrick was also a source of pain for Shanna, as he was the ringleader of hurling personal insults. Fans have been turning against him as they watch him play the game because they do not agree with his tendency to personally insult his fellow houseguests. Shanna explained why, as she was on her way out the door, she told Todrick that she would get the jury to vote against him. It was because “he started dancing and clapping in the background and I just thought ‘Dude, come on. You won. You don’t need to like rub it in my face, you know?'” Shanna said that she has been getting positive feedback from viewers, and that is not the case with Miesha and Todrick. She referred to Miesha’s side of the house as “the team of mean,” or “the Miesha Mafia.”

Shanna Was The Only One Who Was Not Picked To Play The Veto

Shanna Moakler 3

In the game of Celebrity Big Brother, six players are picked to play in the veto competition by random draw. The HOH and two nominees are automatically the first three players, and then they pull chips with names from a hat to see who else plays. Some of the chips say “Houseguest’s Choice,” which means that the contestant may choose a houseguest to play in the competition. During the week Shanna was evicted, there were seven houseguests remaining, which meant that one person would not have the chance to play for the veto.

Unfortunately, that person turned out to be Shanna, who was forced to watch helplessly from the sidelines as the entire house competed for the veto that she so desperately needed. To make matters worse, Shanna had won the last two vetoes, so she had a good chance to win because she was a smart and fierce competitor.

Shanna Was Backdoored

Shanna Moakler 4

Because she did not even have a chance to play for the veto, let alone win it, Shanna’s eviction is considered a backdoor. Once considered one of the most cowardly ways to evict a houseguest, backdooring has become more acceptable in modern Big Brother, but is still not very respected. In her EW interview, Shanna admitted that she was surprised by Carson and Cynthia, saying, “I didn’t really honestly think they would backdoor me. I was absolutely in shock when they did that.” Shanna was very disappointed in Carson because Miesha and Todrick were very forthright about their meanness, but Carson seemed different.

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In her interview with Global TV, Cynthia said, “I thought…Wow! Carson, like you’re gonna send me home without even playing in the veto? That’s just dirty. That is like the dirtiest thing that you can do in the Big Brother game. You’re gonna do me THAT dirty?” Shanna said that she felt that there was nothing that she did to deserve such treatment. In fact, she had saved Carson, and therefore Cynthia, in the last eviction. Shanna marveled, “What they did was mind-blowing.”

Shanna was a fan-favorite who poured her heart and soul into her game. Although Todrick’s lies ultimately led to Shanna leaving the game, the truth is out there for people to watch, and some day Carson and Cynthia will know what really happened. Fans, including Big Brother legend, Janelle Pierzina, are now rallying for Shanna to win the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize. In an interview with Heavy, Shanna said that it would make her cry to win an award like that because she has never received anything like it and is usually “not perceived so great in the press.”

She said that it would be “absolutely a beautiful thing” and “mind-blowing,” and that she always assumed that Carson would win that award. As for who Shanna thinks should win the whole game, in her Global TV interview, she said that she hopes that Todd Bridges wins because it would be beneficial to him, and she also does not want to see the “bad guys” win. However, Shanna concluded her interview with Heavy by saying, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game so to speak, even though I love the game.”

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Source: EW, Global TV, TooFab, Heavy

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