Why Fans Want Whitney Way Thore To Have A Baby (& Why They Don’t)

My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers are split on whether Whitney Way Thore should or shouldn’t have children as the dancer goes through IVF.

Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life has always expressed interest in being a mother, but viewers aren’t totally convinced she should. TLC launched Whitney into full-fledged stardom thanks to her viral dance video that garnered over 8 million views. The Greensboro native has always been at the forefront of the no body shaming movement and even started her own workout site, NoBS Active, to help those who have struggled with their weight.

For years, Whitney has yearned to be a mother, but the dream seems to be fading fast between some nasty breakups and health issues. The dancer has some big shoes to fill if she does ever become a parent, thanks to Babs and Glenn Thore, who have shown her nothing but support when it comes to becoming a mother. For multiple seasons, Whitney has discussed the need to have her own child. She even started the process of freezing her eggs. While viewers can understand the natural urge, some feel it may be better if she holds on.


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In the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, audiences watched Whitney talk about possibly having children. Over pedicures, Whitney opened up to her best friend, Heather Sykes, about her upcoming doctor’s appointment to talk about freezing her eggs. The ultrasound showed the dancer to have vital eggs, and in the end, she went through with the egg retrieval procedure. Viewers seem to be split down the middle when it comes to sharing their opinions on whether or not Whitney should have a child. Reddit user supinator1 asked, “If she is so worried about her biological clock, why does she continue the show in a way that maybe will put her to the point where she may be too old to have children?

Whitney Way Thore Nada My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Other My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers side with Whitney when it comes to supporting her dreams of becoming a mother. They believe the journey into IVF and surrogacy is a brave one and commend Whitney for her research and fearlessness. It’s also worth noting that most viewers have kept their opinions to themselves since choosing to become a parent is a very personal choice and Whitney has every right to have her own child if she wants.

While Whitney may not have all of her followers’ support, she is backed by her close family, friends, and viewers who want to see her succeed. The truth is, Whitney is more than capable of becoming a single mother if none of her relationships works out. The dancer is kind, self-sufficient, and earns enough money to support not only herself but a baby. If Whitney decides to have children, viewers are hopeful TLC will be there to capture the moment.

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Source: supinator1/Reddit


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