While Indian cricket team suffers from Wokeism, South African player Keshav Maharaj greets his fans with “Jai Shree Ram”

Recently, the Indian Cricket team suffered a humiliating 3-0 ODI series loss to a developing South African team. However, more than the Indian cricket team’s loss, a South African cricketer’s gesture ended up hogging the limelight.

Keshav Maharaj thanks Bhagwan Ram for success

Keshav Atmanand Maharaj, a South African left-arm spinner celebrated his team’s victory in a slightly different fashion. On his Instagram handle, Keshav Maharaj thanked Bhagwan Ram for blessing his team with the series win.

While Indian cricket team suffers from Wokeism, South African player Keshav Maharaj greets his fans with “Jai Shree Ram”

Sharing his team’s photograph with the trophy, Keshav Maharaj wrote, “What a Series it’s been, couldn’t be more proud of this team and how far we have come, time to recharge and prepare for the next one. Jai Shree Raam,”

Netizens appreciated the gesture

Netizens were quick to note the post and appreciated Keshav for remaining attached to his root.
One user Ayush shared an old photo of Keshav visiting a Hanuman Mandir on Tuesday morning.

Another user noted his bio and pointed out that Keshav has written Jai Shree Ram and Jai Hanuman in his Instagram bio.

Keshav’s Instagram story is filled with comments chanting Jai Shree Ram and Jai Hanuman.

One Twitter user, The Jaipur Dialogues took a jibe at Kohli’s wokeness and pointed out the difference between Keshav and Kohli attitude towards Hinduism.

Keshav Maharaj’s stand is diametrically opposite to the Indian team’s wokeness

Apparently, Keshav Maharaj’s unequivocal public adherence to his Hindu roots comes at a time when the Indian Cricket team has been on a woke mission.
In the T20 World Cup 2021, the Indian team decided to bend its knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The move did not go down well with the fans and the team has been heavily criticised for the same. In fact, fans’ anger was exacerbated by the fact that the Pakistani team had refused to kowtow to wokeness engrained in taking the knee.

By taking the knee, Indian team accepted the woke agenda

Indian Cricket team accepting to bend their knee seemed to be motivated by wokeness rather than any other concern. Just like Blacks are believed to have faced atrocities in the past, Hindus have been subject to inhuman treatment wherever they are in minority. In Pakistan, Hindus share as a percentage of the population has reduced by nearly 90 percent in the country.

Similarly, in India itself, Kashmiri Hindus had been forced to run away from their own homeland during the 1990s. Even today, various regions still exist in West Bengal where Hindus have to live as a second-grade citizens.

Despite so many documented atrocities on Hindus all around the world, the Indian Cricket team or any of its players have never sent down a tweet condemning such acts.

Indian Team stayed silent on killings of Hindus in Bangladesh

When the Indian Cricket Team decided to take the knee, Hindus were being mercilessly killed by Islamists in neighbouring Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Mandirs were being vandalised and Hindu owned homes were being burned by a mob of Islamists. At least 11 people were killed across the country. Indian cricket team decided to stay silent on this and Kohli-Shastri management never uttered a word against the systematic killing of Hindus.

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Indian Cricket team over the last 7-8 years had become a projection of its captain Kohli. Wokeism, sexual misadventures were considered as one of the main achievements in the Indian dressing room under the Kohli-Shastri duo. Kohli’s hypocritical stands on the Hindu way of life had been widely criticised by Indian audiences. It is only due to his woke attitude that Kohli failed to command as much respect as a player of his calibre could do.

Indian Cricket team needs to shed its wokeism

Keshav Maharaj is one of the main instigators of South African victory in the series. He grabbed the all-important wicket of Virat Kohli on 2 occasions in the series. For the last 5-years, he has been the main pillar of the South African spin attack. Up until now, he has played 65 international matches for his country. He never forgets to thank Bhagwan for his success.

Keshav has his roots in the Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. In search of better opportunities, his forefathers had migrated to Durban in 1874. Despite being away from his roots, Keshav’s family has maintained a healthy balance between modernity and tradition.

Indian Cricket team should think that if a family which is away from its roots for the last 147 years has effortlessly maintained its tradition, then what stops a team of 11 players to not take a clear stand for their own Hindu brothers.

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