Which Mayor Of Kingstown Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The highly-acclaimed Paramount+ original series Mayor of Kingstown explores the American prison industrial complex and how the lives on both sides of the law play a major factor in keeping the streets of Michigan crime-free. Despite the brutal criminality that the characters engage in during the series, the various inmates, gangsters, mafia members, drug dealers, and murderers often demonstrate just as much humanity as the police officers, detectives, and high-ranking politicians.

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With the news that season 2 has been confirmed, it’s worth wondering how fans of the show align with the more positive personality quirks and peculiar astrological traits of the well-rounded characters.


Aries – Robert Sawyer

Robert stands in the interrogation room in Mayor of Kingstown

As the ambitious, motivated, and fearless leader of the elite Kinsgtown SWAT force, Robert Sawyer (Hamish Allan-Headley) has all the makings of a fiery Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, Robert embodies what it means to take the lead with intrepid passion and organized planning.

Hardened by his time in the Special Forces in Afghanistan, Robert is so assertive in his mission to keep the streets clean that he is willing to do whatever the job takes to complete it efficiently. His blunt, direct, and uncomplicated manner reinforces his nature as an Aries.

Taurus – Ian Ferguson

Ian wears a suit and tie indoors on Mayor of Kingstown

Pragmatic and tough-minded as can be, Ian Ferguson (Hugh Dillon) most resembles a Taurus on the show. As the grizzled Kingstown detective with more experience than most, Ian can be extremely bullish in his traditional ways. Still, his loyalty to his younger partner Kyle (Taylor Handley) is what solidifies his Taurean traits.

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Among the most positive traits that a Taurus possesses is a keen intellect and diligent work ethic, which Ian more than demonstrates in his ability to suss clues, find evidence, and put criminals away.

Gemini – Kyle McLusky

Kyle smiles indoors on Mayor of Kingstown

Aside from his highly inquisitive nature as a junior detective on the excellent crime drama, Kyle McLusky is also one of the key characters who operate on both sides of the law. This almost certainly gives him Gemini qualities, especially in the way his twin allegiances to his brothers Mike (Jeremy Renner) and Mitch (Kyle Chandler) are torn apart over time.

Often divided in his loyalties to family and his job, Kyle manages to get himself out of most binds through his sociable and outgoing personality, another major hallmark of Gemini.

Cancer – Mitch McLusky

Mitch sits at his desk on Mayor of Kingstown

Since Cancer signs are often named among the biggest problem-solvers, it’s no stretch to call the well-connected Kingstown fixer Mitch McLusky one of the astrological sorts. Indeed, the town Mayor who succeeded his father and preceded his brother had a hand in every major legal and illegal racket on record.

Beyond his problem solving, Mitch’s nurturing care for his two younger brothers after their father passed away underscored his passionate protection of family, which aligns with Cancer ruling the Fourth House of Home Life.

Leo – Mike McLusky

Mike folds his arms by a cop car in Mayor of Kingstown

As the current Mayor of Kingstown, Mike McLusky is the big, bad, leader of the concrete jungle. No zodiac sign is more affiliated with natural-born leadership and kingly auras, and Mike fits the bill so well that show could literally be called The King of Mayortown and it would still make sense.

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Following the death of his brother, Mike assumes the political mantle and begins to foster change in his community the way he always saw fit. This includes potentially righting the wrongs he committed as a fast-rising member and Shot Caller of the white inmates.

Virgo – Miriam McLusky

Miriam stands against a wall in Mayor of Kingstown

Virgos often make the best teachers and are typically defined by their kindness and sympathetic nature. In Mayor of Kingstown, two-time Oscar-winner Dianne Wiest gives another terrific turn as Miriam McLusky, the loving matriarch and college professor who has dedicated her life to teaching prisoners.

Between her Virgoan vocation and cold hard logic she expresses, Miriam is torn about her feelings for her own son Mike upon learning his past indiscretions as the Shot Caller. As such, she’s one of the most well-rounded characters on the show.

Libra – Iris

Mike chats with Iris in his office in Mayor of Kingstown

Often topping the sweetest and smoothest talkers of all zodiacs, Libras are also extremely friendly and extroverted. No descriptor better applies to Iris (Emma Laird), the flirty and deeply engaging escort who works on behalf of the Russian mob.

Iris uses her naturally charming personality to cozy up to high-profile clients and coerce top government agents out of money and crucial intel. Warm, pleasant, and always relaxed, Iris’ ability to work on both sides of the law perfectly reflects Libra’s Scales of Justice.

Scorpio – Bunny Washington

Mike and Bunny sit in the yard in Mayor of Kingstown

Often denoted by the danger of a scorpion’s deadly sting, few characters on the stellar 2021 Paramount+ original series are more harmful than Bunny Washington (Tobi Bamtefa), the leader of the local Crip gang who deals fatal drugs from the front-yard lawn. Scorpios are also known for their secrecy, which Bunny relies on to succeed.

On the positive side, Scorpio is often associated with being deep thinkers with bold and creative personalities. Dealing drugs out of ice-coolers in public during broad daylight certainly constitutes all three traits rolled into one.

Sagittarius – P-Dog

P-Dog wears a white tank top in jail in Mayor of Kingstown

Despite being the leader of the Crips inside the Kingstown prison, P-Dog (Pha-rez Lass) is a surprisingly approachable boss. Since Sagittarius is often considered among the more pleasant natural-born leaders, P-Dog certainly fits the bill.

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Of course, in order to remain alive in prison and maintain his rank atop the Crips, P-Dog must also use his high-powered Sagittarian perception to stay out of trouble, legal, physical, or otherwise. Moreover, he is smart, loyal, and extremely lively.

Capricorn – Milo Sunter

Milo sits in a prison cell in Mayor of Kingstown

Capricorns are often described as driven, tidy, pragmatic, and full of goals. Never afraid of the hustle to boot, Russian mobster Milo Sunter (Aidan Gillen) has parlayed all of these positive traits to become a powerful criminal on the outstanding Taylor Sheridan TV Show.

Given a life sentence for killing several guards during a heist, Milo spends his time grappling with his guilty conscience in jail, reinforcing his Capricorn nature as the most repentant and guilt-ridden of all zodiac signs.

Aquarius – Evelyn Foley

Evelyn stands by a prison wall and smiles in Mayor of Kingstown

Marked by their superior intelligence, self-reliance, and exceptional cleverness, Aquarius is often among the most successful zodiac signs. Enter Evelyn Foley (Necar Zadegan), the lofty and highly-driven District Attorney of Kingstown.

Evelyn presumably climbed the top of her class as a law student before taking the highest legal position in the land. On the flip side, the free-spirited air sign also shows no qualms about engaging in an affair with Mike, reinforcing Aquarius’ lack of boundaries.

Pisces – Ed Simmons

Ed sits at his desk in Mayor of Kingstown

Defined as the Empath, few zodiacs are more helpful, compassionate, and in tune with the plight of others than Pisces. In Mayor of Kingstown, Ed Simmons (James Jordan) embodies such traits as a dedicated corrections officer who willingly helps the McLuskys handle the inmates.

Dedicated his life to healing and rehabilitating criminals with the goal of bettering their life and reintegrating them into society, Ed is one of the most positive influences in the entire show.

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