Watching Cuphead TV Show Was Out of Body Experience for Game Creators

The game developer brothers who created Cuphead describe what it was like watching the Netflix show, saying it was like an out-of-body-experience.

Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, the creators of the original Cuphead game, have described watching the recently released The Cuphead Show! on Netflix as being an out-of-body experience. The original game was published in 2017 by MDHR Studios and was inspired by the distinctive animation style of Walt Disney and Max Fleisher’s surreal and frequently dark cartoons from the 1930s. The game, which was an enormous critical and commercial success, was recently adapted into an animated series by Netflix.

The series follows the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman, two humanoid cup creatures who end up being pursued by The Devil after Cuphead inadvertently loses his soul to him in a carnival game. It features several of the Cuphead game’s memorable bosses, including boxing champion frogs, Ribby & Croaks, mischievous vegetable criminals, The Root Pack, and King Dice, a cube-headed servant of Satan. Each episode is ten minutes long and effectively evokes the tone of the classic cartoons on which the game is based, featuring catchy songs, wacky noodle-armed creatures and sinister undertones.


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Now, in an interview with IGN, the Moldenhauer Brothers have described how they felt after watching the TV incarnation of Cuphead. Chad Moldenhauer said that seeing their first indie video game turned into a high-quality Netflix show blew their minds and was an out-of-body experience. He also described the show as being high-quality and fun. The full quote can be read below:

“There’s almost no words for it… it blows our minds. I can’t quite tell you what it’s like because when I watch it, it almost feels like I’m watching it but I’m outside my body watching it… It’s crazy, we can’t even conceive that this first indie game we created is now this super high-quality, fun Netflix show.”

The Cuphead Show Netflix teaser

It is easy to see why the Moldenhauers would have this response. The original Cuphead game, which was developed over a period of seven years, was a passionate love letter to the weird and endearing old cartoons they grew up watching, in particular the work of Fleisher studios, who were responsible for a number of cartoons starring iconic characters like Popeye, Superman and Betty Boop, as well as more obscure characters like Koko The Clown and Bimbo The Dog (who makes a cameo appearance in the first episode of the show). The Moldenhauers even went so far as to replicate the animation techniques used in the classic cartoons they were paying homage to in their game, implementing hand-drawn animation and hand-painted watercolor backdrops. Their dedication to replicating the Fleisher aesthetic in the Cuphead game was obvious, so it’s easy to see why the new series has had such an effect on them.  The show remains true to the spirit of the Cuphead game and very effectively captures the tone of those old Fleisher animations by replicating their distinct blend of cheerful wholesomeness, surreal slapstick and zany horror elements.

In addition to being well-received by the game’s creators, The Cuphead Show is likely to appeal to fans of the original game. Its also very likely that the show will win over classic animation fans who have always been onboard with the ideas and intention behind Cuphead, but struggled to make any progress in the notoriously difficult game. For fans of classic cartoons filled with dancing inanimate objects and nightmarish death traps, who also don’t enjoy being virtually killed by giant cartoon frogs every ten seconds, The Cuphead Show! will surely be a very satisfying experience.

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Source: IGN

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