Volcanic lightning streaks sky over fiery Mount Etna

ROME: A very highly effective eruption of Mount Etna has created a volcanic storm that despatched bolts of lightning dramatically throughout the sky over japanese Sicily.
A volcano knowledgeable with Italy’s Nationwide Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, mentioned Friday that such volcanic storms are uncommon however can occur in notably violent eruptions or with volcanoes positioned close to the ocean.
The volcanologist, Boris Behnke, advised The Related Press that volcanic lightning was noticed as soon as over Etna in 2021, and earlier than that, in 2015.
The eruption shortly earlier than midnight Thursday didn’t trigger any harm. However it did shoot ash 10 kilometers (greater than 6 miles) into the air above sea degree.
Etna is considered one of Europe’s most lively volcanoes, and its eruptions aren’t rare.

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