Latest update by Russian Officer on special operation in Ukraine

The Russian Officer told that in the southern direction, the Russian military were advancing “without two hundredths” and “practically the entire coast was cleared.”

“The Chechens are here with us – everyone is polite, happy that they are fighting for Russia. Natsiks are allowed to go to full expense. On the coast, we act like this: the marines surround the settlement, the Chechens come in to clean up, the National Guard covers them, ”the officer said.

According to him, there are a lot of captured Ukrainians.

“Auto wagons run around the clock. Those who give themselves up are loaded onto buses and into the filtration sludge,” he said.

The Russian officer noted that the captured Ukrainian soldiers would be allowed to go home after the war.

“Those who are taken in battles – through the courts. There are no Nazis – all the 200th,” he said.

Earlier, RT stringer Viktor Miroshnikov spoke about the situation during the fighting in the Donbass in the RT stream “Beautiful Russia boo-boo-boo”.