TMC MP Mahua Moitra makes the ‘cow urine’ jibe, again, to mock the BJP Govt

Ahead of her Lok Sabha speech today, TMC MP Mahua Moitra took to Twitter today make the ‘gaumutra’ jibe to mock the Modi government.

Tagging the wrong handle to address the BJP, Mahua Moitra tweeted: “Am speaking this evening in Lok Sabha on President’s Address. Just wanted to give early heads up to @BJP to get heckler team ready & read up on imaginary points of order. Drink some gaumutra shots too.”

The ‘gaumutra’ jibe has been used by Islamists and their apologists, including the Pulwama terrorist Ahmed Dhar who had said he killed the CRPF soldiers to kill those who ‘drink cow urine’, to mock Indians, especially Hindus. Two days after President Ram Nath Kovind spelt out the agendas, Lok Sabha is holding a discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address.

Mahua Moitra a repeat offender

Moitra has not once but many times exposed her Hindu hatred by using the slur liberally on multiple occasions. Last year, she created a new controversy by calling India the ‘Susu Potty Republic’. Then too, she had used the cow urine jibe to attack the central government.

TMC MP Mahua Mitra’s 2021 Tweet

“Welcome to our Susu Potty Republic! Drink cow urine, sprinkle dung and flush the rule of law in the toilet,” Moitra had tweeted drawing the ire of many users on social media.

She has an old habit hurling derogatory and regionalist jibes at her opponents. In July last year, BJP MP from Jharkhand Nishikant Dubey has accused Moitra of calling him a “Bihari Goonda” thrice.

Dubey had taken to Twitter accusing Moitra of displaying her hatred for Hindi speaking people and North Indians. Dubey wrote, “Trinamool @AITCofficial has abused the entire Hindi speaking people along with Bihar by using the word Bihari Gunda.”

Likewise, in the month of March last year, the TMC MP had insulted Hindu Gods when she tweeted: “So Yogi CM comes to WB today, says he will kill “TMC goondas” one by one. Gudduji – listen up – your thok do culture may work in the vanar sena commune you ruled, doesn’t work here.”

With her Tweet, Moitra insulted the vanar sena, or monkey army, that accompanied Lord Rama and his brother Lakshman on their journey to Lanka and also played a significant role in defeating Ravan’s massive army. Moitra not only insulted the vanar sena but also Hindus who revere the army of monkeys for supporting Lord Rama in his search for his kidnapped wife. Hindus idolise the army of monkeys, particularly its leader, Lord Hanuman, who is recognised as Lord Rama’s supreme devotee and is worshipped as a god.

Moitra’s Hindu bigotry does not end here. In the same month, in yet another Tweet, the TMC MP had referred to BJP leader Giriraj Singh as “Chotiwala Rakshas”. To explain the meaning of this phrase, “Chotiwalas” refers to devout Brahmin observers of Hinduism who follow the Shikha tradition of Brahmins, and a “Rakshasha” which literally translates to monsters.

Hinduphobic Gaumutra jibe is language of terrorists

Gaumutra’ jibe is often used by Islamist terrorists before attacking Indians, especially Hindus. In 2019, a Pakistan-backed Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorist in a suicide attack had killed as many as 40 CRPF soldiers in Pulwama, Kashmir. Following the attack, a video was released in which the terrorist could be heard saying he wanted to punish and kill the ‘cow urine drinkers’ in the name of Allah. The terrorist identified as Adil Ahmed Dar alias Waqas was seen admitting that he had joined the Jaish-e-Mohammad a year ago. In the video, he had referred to Indians as “Gae ka Peshab Peene Wale” (People who drink cow urine). 

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