The Real Housewives: Ranking The Top 13 Husbands

On Bravo’s The Real Housewives franchise there are lots of complicated relationships – most of them toxic or involved. The friendships and romances on the show often have an air of toxicity to them, compounded by fame and cameras. But every so often, a Housewife comes along with has a husband that is both supportive and kind.

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It’s a rare combination, but it’s one worth applauding. Fans of the franchise love seeing these House Husbands on their screen because of how entertaining they are while also being supportive husbands. From the West Coast to the South, these Husbands have as many fans as their famous wives.

Updated on February 9th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: The House Husbands don’t make a franchise great, but they certainly help. When a Housewife has a fabulous family that’s entertaining for viewers, it makes the series all the better. Likewise, if the husband treats his wife like the queen she is, they radiate Bravo #CouplesGoals. There aren’t many cities in the franchise with husbands with large storylines but when they do they make the series all the juicier. 

13 Simon van Kempen (RHONY)

Simon was not the easiest man to be around during his time on The Real Housewives of New York. His time on the show was populated with a lot of drama and he never quite seemed to know where to draw the line with the other Housewives.

That said, he was utterly devoted to his wife Alex, the two of them nearly attached at the hip. Alex was one of the better former Housewives before leaving the show. The couple seemed to both be neurotic in precisely the same ways, which sometimes, is as sweet as it gets. Now that Alex is no longer a Housewife, the two have moved on from the Big Apple and moved to Simon’s native Australia.

12 Todd Tucker (RHOA)

Although Todd Tucker was accused of being a gold digger when he first started dating The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s most likable Housewife, Kandi Burruss, his tenacity for their relationship paid off. Going from public enemy #1 to part of the family, Todd has been accepted by his largest critics, including the infamous Mama Joyce.

Although his parenting skills could use a shove in the right direction, Todd is a great husband for Kandi. He never seems to begrudge her the spotlight, and, in fact, is always happy to jump on to help her pull off yet another miraculous feat. Today, the couple now has two children together and continues to appear on RHOA.


11 Raymond Huger (RHOP)

In Karen Huger’s first season of RHOP, Raymond couldn’t stop showering his wife with love, affection, and pet names. It was endearing how sweet they were with each other. Karen soon became a Housewive’s favorite due to her hilarious quotes and fun marriage. As the series continued, there was a definite disconnect between the couple — so much so that he had a hard time telling Karen he loved her.

However, as of season 6, the two seem to be back on track. With the two of them being married for decades—and Karen becoming an instant sensation—a wedge between the couple was bound to be. But it looks like these two were able to work things out and seemed genuinely happy in the most recent season.

10 Terry Dubrow (RHOC)

Terry Dubrow has his flaws in The Real Housewives of Orange County, and he’s definitely made his wife Heather cry more than once, but overall, Terry is a good-natured fellow. Terry and Heather make a great team and seem to be some of the most even-keeled of the Housewife couples, even when building their incredibly insane mansion of a house.

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Now that Terry and Heather are back for another season on RHOC, fans are loving seeing their family’s growth and personal achievements. She’s one of the best cast members of season 16.

9 Chris Samuels (RHOP)

Despite Monique Samuel’s departure from The Real Housewives of Potomac, her relationship with Chris was one of the best relationships in the franchise. It’s apparent that Chris didn’t care much for the show but it was something Monique wanted. He supported her despite the circumstances (which sometimes got him into cold water fans).

Although Chris had some poor moments on the show, he was a great husband to Monique. The fallout between Monique and Candiace was one of RHOP’s more iconic moments, but it got Monique kicked off the show.

8 Vince Van Patten (RHOBH)

Split image of Eileen and her husband from RHOBH

Vince is a real down-to-earth kind of guy and it’s a pleasure to watch him, and his equally real-feeling, wife Eileen bicker back and forth when she was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The household of all men and one woman seems dysfunctional in the best way, leaving Vince and Eileen to feel like true equals in a way that many couples on the franchise don’t really feel.

Vince also gets a special shout-out for his hilarious expressions when the women are fighting in front of him. And while Eileen is no longer on the show, she’s a former Housewife held in high esteem — the same for her husband.

7 Sharrieff Shah (RHOSLC)

A split image of Jen Shah and her husband from RHOSLC

Sharrieff is one of the newer House Husbands but he’s proven himself to be one of the best. Despite Jen Shah’s epic meltdowns and current legal troubles, Sharrieff has stayed by her side. The two have been married for almost 30 years and have two sons.

Due to Sharrieff’s busy job, he’s not seen on camera often. However, there’s no telling that the love he has for his wife and the family they created is deep.

6 Harry Hamlin (RHOBH)

Harry Hamlin is a great force of zen and calm in the middle of the storm that is Lisa Rinna. Lisa is a handful, but Harry never seems to mind her antics. He cares about his home, his garden, and when he has a chance, hiking away from home.

Harry clearly loves Lisa just the way she is and accepts that she will always be causing some kind of racket. It’s a nice thing to see on a franchise where so many husbands attempt to control their wives.

5 Gregg Leakes (RHOA)

NeNe and Gregg Leakes went through a lot while connected to the show. And sadly, they went through even more without the cameras around.

Between rough points in their marriage, divorce, Gregg’s illness, and more, it’s always good to see moments of happiness between these two, who have fought hard for one another. Gregg was truly in love with NeNe and respected her strength, ambition, and star power. Unfortunately, Gregg passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2021, but he’s still considered an amazing House Husband.

4 Eddie Judge (RHOC)

Eddie Judge is another calm center for a strong personality. Fans were thrilled to see Tamra fall for him after her terrible relationship with her ex, Simon Barney. Contrasting to Simon, Eddie is kind, understanding, and always affectionate. He and Tamra made a good team.

Although Tamra and Eddie are no longer on The Real Housewives of Orange Countyshe had some amazing episodes stirring the pot

3 Joe Gorga (RHONJ)

At this point, fans know everything there is about Joe and Melissa Gorga. The couple has shared every ounce of their personal life in front of the cameras for over 10 years. Due to their family ties to Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga is very involved in the series.

More than his bond with Teresa, Joe is known for his relationship with Melissa. Joe is one of the more hands-on husbands who has supported Melissa throughout the years. And while he can be seen as old school and too controlling of Melissa, theres’ nothing Joe wouldn’t do for his family.

2 Ken Todd  (RHOBH)

Ken Todd is a beloved House Husband on RHOBH. Though on occasion he goes too far and gets crass, it’s almost always in defense of his beloved wife, Lisa Vanderpump. Ken is one of the softer husbands, openly caring for his animals, crying over his children, and mooning over Lisa. It’s truly a nice thing to behold.

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Although Ken and Lisa Vanderpump ended her time on RHOBH as a villain, she’s still busy with Vanderpump Rules, her West Hollywood restaurants, and her multiple businesses.

1 Mauricio Umansky (RHOBH)

Mauricio is the golden egg of Houswife husbands. Mauricio is loyal, caring, invested in his family, a great father to his children, and incredibly supportive of his wife Kyle on RHOBH.

Even when they go through hard times, for instance, when Kyle’s behavior threatens one of his business relationships early on in the show, he takes it in stride and looks only to how they can move forward as a couple. Other husbands would have shamed their wives for threatening their money and become furious. But not Mauricio. He and Kyle seem truly meant to be. As of now, this couple is one of the longest-running couples, despite some fans thinking it’s Kyle’s time to go.

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