The Most Beloved Parents Of Franchise Cast Members

Many 90 Day Fiancé cast members face intense skepticism from their parents, but these moms and pops offer nothing but unconditional love and support.

Though many parents featured in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise are extremely judgmental of their children’s romantic journeys, there are some who offer nothing but love and acceptance. These parents of franchise cast members are hailed as the best on the show for the way they put their kids first and keep up a positive attitude. Not all parents are so understanding, but these moms and pops have wowed viewers with their big hearts.

Cast members on 90 Day Fiancé and its spin-offs often find themselves in difficult and unusual situations in their quest to find love. Most fans don’t fault those parents for being suspicious, but without support from family, relationships on the show often fall apart.


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However, there are other parents who have been featured that go above and beyond for their kids and exhibit extraordinary levels of understanding. Though viewers don’t always get where these parents’ positive attitudes come from, they can certainly appreciate their supportive natures.

Ronald Smith’s Mom Ria

90 Day Fiance Ronald Mom Ria

Ronald’s mom Ria is beloved by fans because she exudes positivity while still being realistic. Ria was supportive of Ronald but never turned a blind eye to her son’s faults and gambling addiction. But when Ronald married Tiffany Franco, Ria fully embraced her new daughter-in-law and step-grandson Daniel. Ria’s love is truly unconditional, and she’s stated that just because her son’s relationship is on the rocks, it doesn’t mean she’ll stop loving Tiffany and Daniel.

Ed Brown’s Mom Norma

Big ed Mom Norma 90 Day Fiance

After his first marriage fell apart, Ed lived with his mother Norma for many years, and it’s not hard to see why. Norma has always supported Ed and even helped her son remove his plentiful back hair. On The Single Life season 2 Norma accompanied Ed to Mexico to serve as translator for her son as he went to meet a potential match. Fans love Norma’s upbeat and adorable attitude and think she’s a total sweetheart, and while they’re hugely critical of Ed, viewers absolutely adore Norma.

Hamza Moknii’s Mom Hayet

Hamza Mom Hayet 90 Day Fiance

Hamza’s mom Hayet is winning fans over on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days largely because they admire the hardships she’s endured and obstacles she’s overcome. As a divorced single mom in Tunisia, Hayet was shunned and couldn’t even get a job. It’s obvious to viewers how much Hayet loves her children, and she was the one fans backed after her son’s fiancé Memphis Smith broke Mama Hamza’s house rules.

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Erika Owen’s Parents Simon & Jayne

Erika Parents Simon Jayne 90 Day Fiance

On Before the 90 Days, Erika was initially worried about coming out as bisexual to her parents Simon and Jayne, but it turned out that her fears were unfounded. It’s clear that Simon and Jayne love their daughter, and her sexual orientation didn’t change that at all. Erika’s coming out scene was one of the most memorable and wholesome moments in the franchise, and fans were extremely impressed by how unfazed her parents were. The two couldn’t have been more accepting, and it’s truly inspirational.

Mike’s Dad Larry & Grandpa Hyman

Mike Dad Larry Grandpa Hyman 90 Day Fiance

Viewers suspect that Mike’s gross habits are enabled by his father and grandfather, but they still can’t help but find the two old men utterly adorable. Though Mike gets roasted for many mistakes, fans do admire him for his dedication and efforts to take care of Larry and Hyman. The two men seem to have a cute joking dynamic. It’s unclear how well Mike’s girlfriend Ximena Morales would mesh with Larry and Hyman, but fans hope she appreciates their quirky charm.

Jovi Dufren’s Mom Gwen

No-nonsense Gwen is always quick to call out her son Jovi’s juvenile behavior, and viewers love her for it. Though she loves her son, Gwen hasn’t hesitated to chastise him when Jovi isn’t living up to what’s expected of him. Initially, Gwen was suspicious of her daughter-in-law Yara Zaya’s motives, but she’s grown to love her and has fully welcomed her into the family. Gwen is very supportive of the couple and regularly helps out with watching her granddaughter Mylah. Fans love Gwen’s sassy and funny attitude and applaud her for being both nurturing and fair.

Kalani Faagata’s Dad Low

Low is more stern than most franchise parents who fans enjoy, but he undeniably loves his family and wants what’s best for them. Low’s initial icy attitude towards Asuelu was because he wasn’t sure that Asuelu could be the man and father that his daughter Kalani needs for herself and her kids. But once Asuelu demonstrated his commitment to Kalani and their growing family, Low has fully embraced his son-in-law. Low has come a long way in his relationship with Asuelu, and fans appreciate the dedicated family man and say he’s a big softie with a rough exterior.

Natalie Mordovtseva’s Mom Nelia

90 Day Fiance Natalie Mom Nelia

Natalie’s mother Nelia is one of the most supportive parents the 90 Day Fiancé franchise has ever seen. She immediately welcomed Natalie’s now-ex-husband Mike Youngquist when he came to visit Ukraine, and it almost felt like Nelia loved Mike more than her own daughter. All Nelia wants in the world is to have grandkids and she was hoping that Mike would be the one to give Natalie the child she so desires. Though Nelia could be a little overbearing by trying to get involved in Mike and Natalie’s fights, it’s clear that her heart is in the right place. Fans are glad that Natalie and Mike’s relationship is finally over, but they hate to think of Nelia feeling sad about the breakup.

These parents of 90 Day Fiancé cast members are well-liked by fans who see them as exactly the type of people they’d want in their own families. The K1-visa process alone strikes many people as suspect and potentially problematic, but these moms, pops, and grandpops have been shockingly good at rolling with the punches. Despite sometimes having to deal with a lot when it comes to their children, these parents’ love knows no bounds, and viewers have taken notice.

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