The Batman Score Makes Mask of the Phantasm’s Ending More Heartbreaking

The ending to Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the 1993 animated film, is re-scored to include The Batman main theme composed by Michael Giacchino.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm has had its ending rescored in a fan edit that utilizes the new theme for The Batman composed by Michael Giacchino. Despite being the third cinematic reimagining of the Caped Crusader in the 21st century, hardcore fans and audiences alike are eagerly anticipating Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which promises to be something of a detective noir crossed with a superhero epic. Robert Pattinson will adopt the titular role as an established, but less experienced Batman, as he is tasked by a varied rogues gallery of DC villains (including Catwoman, Penguin and The Riddler) while wrestling with his own identity.


In order to feed fans’ excitement, and while displaying a high level of confidence in the project, The Batman composer Michael Giacchino has released a select few tracks from the film’s score to suggest the film’s musical identity. Giacchino released early studio recordings of his musical theme for Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman on his social media before it featured in the film’s main trailer, and then released the full isolated track on music streaming platforms. He recently did the same with the Riddler’s theme, with both pieces of music being well received by fans. The two themes also served their purpose as effective marketing for The Batman by playing into the gritty, noir tone that has been teased by the cast in interviews.

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Now, Reddit user Significant_Wheel_12 has edited a video that overlays Giacchino’s new theme for the Dark Knight onto the ending of the fan-favorite animated film, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The video opens with the emotional bridge of Giacchino’s track as Bruce Wayne laments the loss of his potential one true love, Andrea Beaumont, who had been behind the murders of the Phantasm all along. As Alfred consoles him, Bruce notices a necklace he had given to Andrea years ago gleaming in the shadows of the Batcave, left by her as a final goodbye as the scene fades. It then cuts to Andrea isolated on a cruise ship, the tragedy of the situation beautifully realized by Giacchino’s score. In the final shot, as the camera rises on a tragic, yet unbroken, Batman looking up at the call of the Bat Signal, and Giacchino’s theme builds as he soars through the sky of Gotham City.

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The music fits incredibly well with the aesthetic of Batman: The Animated Series in general, which may be a ringing endorsement of how the score for The Batman has successfully adopted a noir tone. Fans often praise The Animated Series for setting the mythos within an old school 1930s-esque setting, though with enough technical advancements to make the show feel somewhat timeless, while still appropriate to the Caped Crusaders roots as a comic character from that era. While The Batman takes place in the modern day, its adoption of tropes from a genre so heavily associated with the era may elicit a similar feeling from audiences and generate goodwill from established Batman fans.

Fans have loved Batman: The Animated Series since its debut in the 90s, and some regard Batman: Mask of the Phantasm as one of the greatest Batman films of all time; above even most of the live-action efforts. This is not the first time comparisons have been drawn between that incarnation of the character and The Batman, with the first trailer using the “I am vengeance” quote that originates in the series. Pattinson himself has also compared his focus on Wayne’s inner psyche to Mask of the Phantasm. While the film will not be a direct adaptation of the series, and will almost certainly feature many original twists of its own, and this fan edit using The Batman‘s stirring score is indicative of the influence that creative team may have taken from the highly praised animated show.

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Source: u/Significant_Wheel_12

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