The 8 Most Iconic Food Moments On The Show

Food plays a huge role in many episodes of the American version of The Office. The show featured quite a few culinary delights, food pranks, and food mishaps throughout its nine seasons.

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The Office‘s food-focused storylines were a smart way to get the characters to interact with each other both in and outside of the workplace. While some of the plotlines included all sorts of cringe, others such as Kevin’s narration of the Malone family’s chili recipe left fans watering at the mouth. Now is a great time to reminisce over the hilarious and heartwarming food-focused moments on The Office.


Jim Halpert And Jell-O

Dwight removes his stapler from Jell-O in The Office

Jim and his frenemy, Dwight Schrute were quite the pranksters on The Office. They managed to pull hilarious pranks on each other until the very end.

One of the best pranks from the show’s pilot episode combined food, and Dwight’s stapler. Fans derived pleasure from the cringe comedy that unfolded as Dwight demanded that Michael reprimand Jim for encasing his stapler in Jello-O. This prank was a creative way of using food with office supplies to get Dwight all riled up. That said, fans can’t help but notice the perfectly good Jell-O being wasted like that. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that yummy wobbly, gelatin dish?

Michael Likes Waking Up To The Smell Of Bacon

Michael shows his grilled his foot on a George Foreman in The Office

Everyone in the office and the fans couldn’t quite believe Michael when in “The Injury” he called Pam to tell her he’d burnt his foot while stepping on a Foreman Grill. Just as he asked her not to call an ambulance, but pick him up, Jim put him on speakerphone to know what exactly had happened.

Turns out, Michael enjoyed having breakfast in bed and waking up to the smell of Bacon. Most nights before sleeping, he’d lay out six strips of Bacon on his grill. That particular morning, Michael, as usual, turned on his grill and went back to bed. And when he did get out of bed, he’d forgotten about the hot grill on the floor and stepped barefoot on it. As cringe-inducing as Michael’s narration was, fans cannot deny that sizzling bacon in the morning is a perfect way to start the day.

The Good Peanut Butter

Dwight uses peanut butter on Michael's hair in The Office

In season 4’s “Night Out,” Dwight uses the good peanut butter to remove a piece of gum from Michael’s hair. He rushes into the kitchen, grabs the good quality butter, and gets to work. It’s quite a spectacle to see Dwight taste the peanut butter off Michael’s head and say that it tastes good.

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When Dwight points out that the butter has a lot of calories, Michael orders him not to leave it on for too long. This cringe-inducing scene goes to show Dwight would do absolutely anything to please his boss.

Michael Calls Wendy’s Restaurant

Michael Scott speaks to a Wendy's restaurant in The Office

In the episode, “Chair Model,” Michael decides to get back into the dating game again. He demands the Dunder Mifflin employees find him a date, going so far as threatening to fire them if they don’t cooperate. He has Dwight hand out index cards around and demands everyone write down an eligible woman’s name for him to date.

Michael takes the first index card (which is the phone number to Wendy’s) and goes, “Hello Wendy, this is Kevin’s friend, Michael Scott.” The clarification from the other side of the line isn’t enough to embarrass him. He places an order for a frosty and baked potato and asks the woman across the line to set it aside. Michael has his priorities straight, and at the end of his hilarious and embarrassing phone call, he sends Dwight to pick up his order.

Herr’s Chips For Karen

Karen's holds a bag of Herr's Salt & Vinegar chips as Jim talks to her in The Office

Jim and Karen’s brief relationship was a mixed bag of best and worst moments. The Herr’s potato chips bit from “Grief Counseling” is counted among their cutest moments in The Office.

Karen was mildly disappointed to learn the office vending machine was out of Herr’s Salt & Vinegar, and Jim decided to get those for her. He dedicated his time and energy to calling countless stores and vending machines. Towards the end of the day, Jim finally learned that the vending machine in the building next door stocked Herr’s Salt & Vinegar chips. He and Karen are on friendlier terms after his incredibly sweet gesture and this moment is a classic.

Creed Loves Mung Bean Sprouts

Creed keeps mung beans in his desk drawer in The Office

Season 2’s “Conflict Resolution,” reveals that Ryan has in the past complained to Toby about Creed’s “distinct old man smell.” This reveal comes after Michael acquires Toby’s file of complaints. He sits Ryan and Creed opposite each other and reads the former’s complaint out loud.

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Turns out, Creed smells due to the mung beans he sprouts inside his desk. He knows the bean sprouts stink but eats them anyway because of the health benefits. Creed’s confession is hilarious, and fans won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

Pam Loves Chili’s Margaritas

Pam drinking margaritas at the Dundies award held at Chili's in The Office

Season 2 begins with Michael proudly telling the camera that he bestows his employees with a personalized Dundie award each year.  Since the Dundies night is held at a local Chili’s restaurant, it’s fairly obvious that a lot of goof-ups revolve around food.

The eighth annual Dundies awards are an eventful evening and the credit goes to Pam Beesly. She begins by drinking beer and gradually sneaks drinks off other tables. After the event is over, Pam runs to the camera and screams, “I just wanna say that this was the best Dundies ever! Whoo!” Fans love this goofy, never-seen-before side of Pam, and frankly, if it wasn’t for her, the Dundies for would have been a dull event.

Kevin’s Famous Chili

Kevin spills his chili pot all over the carpet in The Office

Kevin’s chili spill is counted among the grossest things he ever did on The Office. The hilarious accident is featured in season 5’s “Casual Friday” cold open.

Kevin is excited about bringing his homemade chili into the office but ends up spilling it all over the carpet. As he tries to scoop up the mess with office supplies, he smears it all over himself and falls to the ground. Whilst it’s heartwarming to hear Kevin talk about his heirloom recipe, in the beginning, watching him smoosh it into the carpet is just hilarious.

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