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The NFL has collaborated with Roblox to release a special NFL server, which has 56 footballs for players to collect. Here’s where to find them all.

The NFL has collaborated with Roblox to release a special NFL Tycoon server, which has 56 hidden footballs for players to collect. In addition, the NFL Tycoon server allows players to build their own stadiums, open card packs, and play a special Super Bowl Destruction event in celebration of the Super Bowl. Players have access to a Collect-A-Thon scavenger hunt among all the new activities to find the hidden footballs.

There are a total of 56 Wilson Duke footballs hidden throughout the server for players to find. Collecting them will reward the player with a limited-edition Wilson Super Bowl LVI Commemorative Football, making it a must-participate event for football fanatics.


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The hidden footballs have a bright yellow glow around them, making them easy to spot. To collect them, players simply need to walk into them. Collecting them all grants players with the special commemorative item, as well as the Football Fantasy award. After collecting every football, the reward item will appear in the players’ Roblox inventory after about an hour.

All 56 NFL Tycoon Football Locations in Roblox

Roblox NFL Tycoon Hidden Football Glowing

Here are all 56 hidden footballs and their locations:

  1. At the base of the palm tree, just left of the big football helmet statues in the main lobby.
  2. Behind the LVI Super Bowl statue.
  3. Under the Bengals tent, closest to the Packer’s logo.
  4. Under the Bengals tent, closest to the Eagle’s logo.
  5. Under the Bengals tent, furthest from the big football helmet statues.
  6. Straight towards the door of the blue building.
  7. Down the street towards the tunnel, under the Patriot’s black tent.
  8. In the area with the two red buildings with pink windows, at the corner of the left building.
  9. From following the road traveling away from the tunnel, at the fifth building on the left.
  10. Diagonally across the previous football, past the Buccaneer’s black tent.
  11. Back on the road, at the next building on the left.
  12. At the building, right after the house where the previous football was at.
  13. On the corner down the street, under a Jet’s black tent.
  14. To the left of the NFL Shop entrance (this counts as two footballs).
  15. (Counted in the previous one)
  16. Under a palm tree to the left, down the road to the right of the NFL shop.
  17. Towards the Chief’s black tent, found by cutting through the buildings.
  18. Down the road to the right, next to a blue building and Packer’s white tent.
  19. Down the road, under the black Seahawks tent.
  20. Directly across, between two orange buildings.
  21. On the other side of the road towards the portal, under a palm tree on the right.
  22. The opposite way of the previous football, by the cave.
  23. Up the beach under a palm tree.
  24. Directly in front of the previous one, on the corner of the sidewalk.
  25. On the beachside of the street by the rock pool.
  26. Right next to the previous football.
  27. Along the river, past the waterfall, under a palm tree.
  28. Towards the tunnel, up the sand on the right, under a palm tree.
  29. Further up the beach, under a palm tree.
  30. Behind the rock pool.
  31. Behind a palm tree behind the rock pool.
  32. At the center of the map, take the road to the left of the big helmet statues. It’s in the third house (the yellow one).
  33. At the Bills main logo.
  34. At the left-most LA yellow tent.
  35. Directly across the previous one, at the blue house.
  36. Up the street and to the left, at another blue house.
  37. Under the yellow LA tent next to the Texan’s logo.
  38. Directly across the previous one, at the door of the orange house.
  39. At Raven’s main logo.
  40. Along the road behind the center of the map, directly across the Raiders.
  41. Along the same street, under a palm tree.
  42. Along the same street and right at the fork, at the door of the yellow house to the left.
  43. Along the same street, directly across the Chiefs.
  44. In the NFL Shop to the right, hidden in the Texan’s merch.
  45. Hidden in the Chargers’ merch.
  46. Hidden in the Titans’ merch.
  47. Hidden in the Steelers’ merch.
  48. Hidden in the Eagles’ merch.
  49. Hidden in the Dolphins’ merch.
  50. In the hot air balloon box outside of the NFL shop.
  51. From the center of the map, directly across the Bills, under an LA yellow tent.
  52. Along the beach to the right of the NFL shop, in the waterfall.
  53. Up the same beach, under a palm tree.
  54. Directly across the previous football, to the right of the two orange buildings.
  55. Up the road and to the right of the runnel, at the corner of the orange building.
  56. Across from the Jaguar’s logo, behind the blue Charger’s tent at the base of an orange building.

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Roblox is available now on PC, Mobile, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

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