Robert Pattinson’s Batman Voice Was So Bad He Was Told To Change It

The Batman star Robert Pattinson reveals that his first attempt at a voice for his Caped Crusader was so bad that the filmmakers asked him to stop.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice was initially so bad he was asked to change it. The English actor will star as the Caped Crusader in the upcoming The Batman from director Matt Reeves. After enduring extensive pandemic-related production delays, Reeves’ film is finally set to hit theaters next month, March 4.

As the release date approaches, Pattinson has been open about his experience playing the DC superhero, which appears to be a distinctly different interpretation from others seen on the big screen so far. The director, who is largely drawing on 1970s paranoia thrillers such as The Conversation, wanted The Batman to be a gritty detective story, and the central performance had to be crafted around that vision. Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne, for example, is more of a reclusive loner than previous interpretations, which often play into a billionaire-playboy reputation.


Of course, a crucial part of any Batman performance is the voice, and Pattinson reveals on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he came in with very different ideas from what Reeves was looking for. Knowing that most actors who take the role tend to make the hero’s voice deep and gravelly, he intended to go completely the other way, going for a more whispery line delivery. After trying it for a couple weeks, however, the filmmakers thought it was so bad they asked Pattinson to stop.

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