Robert Pattinson Breaks Down His Batsuit In Detail

Robert Pattinson, the latest actor to be cast as the Dark Knight, explains what audiences can expect of his new suit in The Batman.

The Batman’s Robert Pattinson explains the details of the DC hero’s latest batsuit. Pattinson will play Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s Dark Knight, in The Batman, which is slated to hit theatres early next month. In addition to Pattinson’s presence, the film hosts a number of Hollywood A-listers such as Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, and Zoe Kravitz. The Batman will focus on the World’s Greatest Detective’s attempt to track down a mysterious killer that leaves cryptic messages to taunt his pursuers.

Pattinson will be the first actor to don the cape and cowl since Ben Affleck in Justice League. Each rendition of Batman has had a unique take on the vigilante and it is obvious that The Batman will be no exception. Aside from the creative differences of the various directors that have undertaken Batman movies, each actor also has sported a distinctive batsuit. Cape length, colors, materials, and even the bat symbol have been altered throughout the hero’s history. As with the release of each new Batman movie, fanatics have been impatiently waiting to get a glimpse of what the new suit may entail.


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Luckily, thanks to a recent interview with Pattinson, enthusiasts are now able to get a little more detail of what will be in store. Pattinson spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his experience wearing the new suit and went on to explain some of its intricacies. After having to audition for the role in Val Kilmer’s old batsuit, Pattinson said that it was a “huge relief” when he was finally able to wear his updated version. Read below to see what he had to say about his new costume.

“There are little blood stains on it. There’s kind of grazes where it’s been hit with bullets and kind of just the wear and tear of someone who’s been out fighting every night…It felt like a really new thing…It looks like a soldier’s armor in some kind of strange parallel universe where you have to wear little ears on top of your head as well.”

Pattinson continued to explain the suit’s weapons as well.

“The grapple gun is, I think, in every single Batman movie, but I’m not sure how many times he used them so defensively [as he does in The Batman]…It’s used as a weapon. And that’s quite a lot, which is quite fun. Again, it’s very rudimentary. It’s kind of based on Travis Bickle, the gun mechanism, which he has in Taxi Driver…[The suit’s Bat symbol] It’s a tool, which he can pop out of the chest plate, which is kind of amazing, incredibly difficult to design as well, and looks great.”

the batman Catwoman and Pattinson

Obviously, the suit will be recognizable as one belonging to Batman and also contain some of the utility tools the vigilante is known to use, but Pattinson’s description does introduce new concepts to the armor. An overwhelming majority of batsuits have been introduced in pristine condition, so the idea of a weathered costume is somewhat innovative. Also, Batman’s symbol doubling as a weapon is something that has not been seen before on the big screen.

Audiences can expect The Batman to be a bit darker and grittier than some of the film’s predecessors. The mention of blood spatter and use of the grapple gun as a weapon reveals that the vigilante is truly out for vengeance rather than to simply apprehend the villain. Although there has been some apprehension about Pattinson being the new face of the Dark Knight, it is clear from the suit alone that his version will offer something truly different from past performances.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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