Pulp Fiction: What Was REALLY In The Briefcase?

What’s actually within the Pulp Fiction briefcase? Followers have speculated for years, however the object appears to be an homage to a 1955 movie noir basic.

What’s actually within the Pulp Fiction briefcase? Followers of the 1994 crime basic have speculated for years, however director Quentin Tarantino has recommended that there’s no concrete reply. When it comes to filmmaking, the briefcase features as a “MacGuffin,” a plot gadget used to push the story ahead. However for many who know their film historical past, it is clear that Tarantino references a movie noir basic with the Pulp Fiction briefcase.  

In Pulp Fiction, contract killers Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) try and get well a briefcase for his or her gangster boss, Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Within the course of, they kill three males (together with Alexis Arquette’s Fourth Man) and later by chance homicide one other, thus organising a memorable “clean-up” sequence. When Jules and Vincent first get well the mysterious briefcase, a glowing gentle could be seen, although the digicam by no means exhibits the contents. Vincent seems to have a religious expertise, and the briefcase later has the identical impact on the robber named Pumpkin (Tim Roth), who describes the glowing contents as “stunning.”


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The story in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction famously jumps forwards and backwards in time to create a cinematic puzzle, and the briefcase represents one of the crucial oddly-shaped items in that puzzle. Whereas Tarantino clearly left the contents of the Pulp Fiction briefcase a thriller on function — each time it is opened, the scene is all the time shot as to cover no matter is inside — that hasn’t stopped Pulp Fiction followers from speculating about what the briefcase incorporates. Some theories have way more proof than others, however listed here are a couple of interpretations to think about (or dismiss).

What’s In The Pulp Fiction Briefcase – Greatest Theories

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On-line, the most well-liked Pulp Fiction concept is that the briefcase incorporates Marsellus Wallace’s soul. That means, the gangster bought mentioned soul to the satan and decides that he needs it again. However it comes with a worth, after all, evidenced by the massacre that’s Pulp Fiction. Many individuals have famous that the briefcase’s lock code is 666, a quantity related to the Satan. To assist the “soul” concept, many have recommended that the bandage on the again of Marsellus Wallace’s head correlates with a biblical textual content that reveals how the Satan takes one’s soul. Contemplating Jules’ monologue about “divine intervention” after miraculously surviving a shoot-out, the “soul” concept is certainly intriguing.  

Some Pulp Fiction aficionados have recommended that the briefcase holds the diamonds from Reservoir Canines, Tarantino’s function debut. There’s not a lot proof to assist this argument, except for the gangster points and character connections. In Reservoir Canines, Mr. Blonde a.okay.a. Vic Vega (Michael Madsen) goes on a killing rampage after a fastidiously deliberate diamond heist, thus upsetting Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi), who later escapes with the loot (Reservoir Canines’ closing audio implies that Mr. Pink was captured by police). In Pulp Fiction, Mr. Blonde’s brother — Vincent Vega (implied, later confirmed by Tarantino) — is the primary particular person to see the briefcase’s contents. It’s price noting that Tarantino created Pulp Fiction’s story with Roger Avary, who as soon as revealed that the Pulp Fiction briefcase initially contained diamonds, however that the idea was finally deemed “too boring and predictable.”

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The great thing about Pulp Fiction’s briefcase is that it permits for countless interpretations. Most certainly, Tarantino’s glowing gentle is just an homage to the 1955 movie noir basic Kiss Me Lethal, which features a sequence that includes a cryptic field — one which’s related to “the gates of hell” and glows upon being opened. This is among the most believable explanations because it feeds into Quentin Tarantino’s well-known love of films, and in addition lends Pulp Fiction an air of secrecy that has stored its followers guessing for many years.

Maybe the actual function of the briefcase is just to gasoline hypothesis amongst Pulp Fiction followers. Tarantino has not made a secret of his personal theories and refined ideologies behind his personal movies (he even admitted that he considers a few of his movies movies-within-movies), so maybe it was simply the director’s method of giving followers the scope to fill within the blanks on their very own. Both method, the contents of the Pulp Fiction briefcase stay one of the crucial attention-grabbing film mysteries of all time.

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