Peter Weber Not Happy Hannah Brown Exposed ‘Private’ Moment

Peter Weber, a contestant on The Bachelorette season 15, shared his frustrations about Hannah Brown discussing their sexual experiences in her book.

Peter Weber, a contest on The Bachelorette season 15, shared about his disappointment in Hannah Brown exposing their “private” sexual experiences. Peter, the controversial bachelor of season 24, has continued to play a part in the Bachelor Nation conversation since his time on the series in 2020. Despite his lack of popularity on the series, Peter has still maintained fame, whether it be for his time on the series or his pursuits away from the series. While Peter may not have found the one within the franchise, he still appears hopeful that he will find the love of his life.

Now using dating apps, Peter appears to be trying to redeem himself from his failures on the series, seeking more traditional means of finding a romantic connection. While Peter may be available to date, he has shown signs of still being attached to Hannah. Over the years, both he and Hannah have faced plenty of turmoil and confusion after their intimacy on The Bachelorette.


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Peter recently shared with Us Weekly that he was shocked to find Hannah exposing his sexual relationship in her book, God Bless This Mess. While discussing this controversial aspect of her writing, Peter made it clear that he “wouldn’t have done something like that” to Hannah. Clearly upset about the situation and bothered by her lack of direction when it came to their intimacy on the series, Peter added that the former Bachelorette shared something private with the media that she assured Peter would remain between the two of them. Peter, who has dated many women in Bachelor Nation, has been cast in a new light with his revelations about Hannah.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown

Once lovers, Peter and Hannah have mixed emotions since their appearances on The Bachelorette. Expressing hurt from Hannah’s flippancy, Peter seems to be finally in the right when it comes to Bachelor conflict. Burned yet again, Peter shared that he “do[esn’t] think [he] could confide in her” after continued betrayals. Peter even admitted that her reveal in the book “probably helped sell a lot of books” for Hannah.

Hannah, now dating Adam Woolard, has moved on from Peter, and the former Bachelor has moved on from his breakups with the three women on his season. Understandably upset about her commentary about him in her book, Peter is standing up for himself.  Hopefully, Peter and former lead of The Bachelorette Hannah can resolve their differences and move forward as friends.

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Source: Us Weekly

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