Peacemaker’s Green Arrow Gag Mocks The Arrowverse In The Worst Way

Peacemaker’s season 1 finale confirms that Green Arrow exists in the DCEU via a gag that’s disrespectful to the comic and Arrowverse superhero.

Green Arrow, like other classic DC Comics characters, was made canon to the DCEU in Peacemaker through a mention, but the comedic dialogue mocks the beloved hero and the successful Arrowverse franchise in the worst possible way. Green Arrow has been part of the DC Comics superhero pantheon since the 1940s and gained widespread popularity thanks to the 2011 TV series Arrow. While Peacemaker mocked other DC characters, the jokes weren’t meant to be taken seriously. The Green Arrow gag, however, was disrespectful to one of DC’s best superheroes.

Green Arrow, a.k.a. Oliver Queen, first appeared during the Golden Age of superhero comics, and although he shared many superficial similarities to Batman, the two are fundamentally different characters. This was particularly emphasized in the 1970s Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics, where Green Arrow’s progressive-left activism was showcased and contrasted with the more center-left political views of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). While Green Arrow was well-known and beloved among comic fans, he finally reached well-deserved mainstream appeal thanks to Stephen Amell’s starring role as the Emerald Archer in Arrow.


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The DCEU franchise has faithfully depicted many of DC Comics’ greatest superheroes, and with Queen Industries having been teased in DCEU marketing and Black Canary having a major role in a DCEU movie, it seemed as though it was only a matter of time before the Emerald Archer appeared in the franchise. The season 1 finale of Peacemaker, however, canonized Green Arrow by having Peacemaker and John Economos claim that he’s part of the “brony” fetish subculture. While previous instances of Peacemaker mocking classic DC characters have been framed as simple conspiracies, the Green Arrow gag was depicted with more legitimacy, thanks to Economos. This makes the joke an instance of “punching down” at a classic superhero and the Arrowverse franchise in general.

Oliver Queen as Green Arrow firing an arrow

Since its pilot episode, Peacemaker has had a running gag where Christopher Smith insults famous DC superheroes, frequently claiming ludicrous conspiracies about them. The jokes are often framed as either Smith lying to put down famous Justice League members or believing rumors from social media, highlighting his gullibility. Notably, this included a gag about Aquaman being attracted to fish, which Arthur Curry himself angrily refutes in his season finale cameo, but John Economos agreeing with the Green Arrow conspiracy seemed to lend the gag a degree of legitimacy, given Economos’ position in ARGUS.

Although Economos is a computer expert whose skills and resources would give his reinforcement of Smith’s claim more veracity, his phrasing isn’t quite as definitive as Smith’s. Economos says he “heard” that the Green Arrow conspiracy was true, so he might have been foolishly buying into a far-right conspiracy, as Smith often does. Whether or not the in-universe conspiracy about Green Arrow is true, however, the joke was at his expense, unlike the other Justice League gags that simply make Christopher Smith look like an idiot for believing them.

Green Arrow’s well-deserved popularity in the comics and on television make his eventual live-action debut in the DCEU likely, and Peacemaker chose a poor way to confirm his existence in the franchise. Green Arrow is famous for battling racism, socioeconomic injustice, and anti-environmentalism, which will, ideally, be shown when he truly debuts in the DCEU. Peacemaker’s mockery of the storied superhero, however, was disrespectful towards the Green Arrow of both the comics and the Arrowverse.

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