Paris Hilton Opens Up About Taking ‘Back My Power’

Paris In Love star Paris Hilton isn’t letting her past struggles have any control over her as the star says she is taking back her power.

Paris In Love star Paris Hilton won’t let anything hold her down as she reveals she’s taking her power back from her past experiences. In September 2020, Paris aired an hour-long documentary on YouTube titled This Is Paris. The documentary strayed away from her usually light-hearted reality TV entertainment and focused on one of her most traumatizing past experiences, which, until the doc aired, the public had never heard before. The heiress revealed that due to excessive partying when she was a teenager, her parents sent her to Provo Canyon School in Utah, where she was allegedly abused and put in solitary confinement.


Paris has been outspoken about her experiences and has worked with other victims to raise awareness in an attempt to end troubled youth facilities that abuse kids. The star has struggled a lot with trusting others and has found herself in a series of abusive and unfulfilling relationships due to her trauma. Paris has spent years overcoming what she faced as a teenager and her mother Kathy Hilton only recently came to terms with what happened to her daughter. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star confessed that it was extremely difficult for her to cope with what her daughter told her about the facility she’d sent her to.

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Despite what Paris went through, she’s proved she’s not going to waste another minute of her life, allowing the past to define her. The former The Simple Life star addressed her time at Provo Canyon, telling CNBC’s Make It, “I’ve really taken back my power and become a businesswoman and a social advocate. I’m using my platform for good and positive change.” Paris also admitted something most people struggle to come to terms with, that no matter how rough her past experience was, it was worth it because it’s helping create changes for others currently in her situation. This is something the businesswoman wishes she could’ve told her younger self, along with “to not be so trusting of some people, and always believe in myself.

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Paris has proved herself to be quite the advocate by not sitting back and allowing what happened to her to happen to other teens. In October, Paris visited Washington, D.C., to urge Congress to pass the Accountability for Congregate Care Act. The act is meant to reform the multi-billion-dollar “troubled teen industry” that has negatively impacted Paris’ life along with many other teens. The star also works with Breaking Code Silence, an organization focused on ending the abuse of children in abusive institutions.

Paris has come a long way in her healing journey and it’s great to see that she was able to take an important lesson from her past experiences. While what she went through was terrible and should have never happened, she’s not allowing herself to be a victim anymore and therefore teaching others to do the same. It’s easy to feel defeated by past traumatic experiences, but Paris knows the only way to grow is to take her power back. The Paris In Love star has already done so much to end the abuse in these institutions and it seems like she’s ready to keep using her voice for good.

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