Minecraft Player Brings A New Ancient City To The Surface

Minecraft’s upcoming Wild Update will introduce ancient Deep Dark cities, but the game’s latest snapshot allows fans to explore the ruins early.

A helpful Minecraft player has brought one of the game’s Deep Dark cities to the surface, allowing fans to view the structure from the air. The survival sandbox title launched back in 2011, but developer Mojang continues to support the game with content updates. As announced back in October, the Minecraft Wild Update will add Deep Dark cities filled with hazards and rewards for gamers to discover.

Minecraft’s upcoming Wild Update is slated to arrive in 2022, with the large expansion adding two unique new biomes to the title’s procedurally-generated worlds. The underground Deep Dark biome will include ruins of ancient city structures, which brave players can plunder to earn valuable loot. The Deep Dark will also contain a number of unique hazards, however, such as the Sculk element and a new Shrieker mob which screams to alert other enemies of the player’s presence. Chief among these new threats, however, will be monstrous and powerful hostile guardians called Wardens. Making the game’s swamps even more immersive, Minecraft’s Wild Update will also add frogs and Mangrove trees which will appear in a brand-new Mangrove Swamp biome.


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In order to properly show off the Deep Dark’s ancient cities, Reddit user eyeoftheoverseer recently spawned one above ground. While the Wild Update is expected to launch later this year, the Deep Dark’s ancient cities were recently added in an experimental Minecraft snapshot. The massive structure was brought to the surface of a superflat map using console commands, allowing players to view it from the sky and explore it without dealing with hostile creatures. The image below shows off the ruined city’s intimidating size and complex layout:

Minecraft’s experimental snapshots give fans an opportunity to try out new and exciting features before Mojang officially adds them to the block-based title. The recently-released Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot allowed gamers to test out a new hostile mob, revealing that Minecraft’s Warden can survive End Crystal blasts. The relentless creature is meant to patrol Deep Dark cities, and the snapshot reveals that it is unbelievably resilient to damage. End Crystals are rare items that deal extraordinary damage when they explode, but even this otherworldly item will not allow players to take the Warden down easily.

Minecraft’s Wild Update is still far from release, but through console commands and the recent snapshot gamers can already explore Deep Dark cities for themselves. The underground structures are ominous and quite mysterious, but braving the deadly halls will apparently lead to some remarkable rewards. The ancient ruins are also a bit less intimidating now that eyeoftheoverseer has exposed them to Minecraft’s square sun.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: eyeoftheoverseer/Reddit

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