Marvel is Proving Doctor’s Doom’s True Nemesis Should Be Black Panther

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Avengers, the Black Panther prepares to face Doctor Doom, proving that they should fight more often.

Warning! Contains a preview for Avengers #53

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Avengers, Black Panther will prove that he should be Doctor Doom’s true nemesis. While recent comics have seen the Multiversal Masters of Evil going to war with Earth-616 and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, they’ve done so by dividing and conquering. As such, villains such as the Black Skull and Ghost Goblin have already been seen battling heroes while Avengers #53 will mark the first onslaught from the dark team’s Doctor Doom known as Doom Supreme. However, the preview also teases an epic showdown between King T’Challa and Victor von Doom.


The Multiversal Masters of Evil were formed by Mephisto and the Council of Red (an assembly of united Mephisto variants) and have destroyed countless worlds and teams of Avengers. After agreeing to save the primary Earth-616 for last due to its unique status in the multiverse, the Masters are now ready to attack this final reality in the multiverse. However, they’ve quickly discovered that the defenses being put up are more formidable than they’ve seen from other teams of variant Avengers.

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In Avengers #53 from writer Jason Aaron and artist Juan Frigeri, Doom Supreme is attacking Avengers Mountain directly along with the murderous Kid Thanos. In response, Black Panther is coordinating against the massive magical attack with the allies he has on hand: Jane Foster’s Valkyrie and the King of Atlantis Namor, seeing as how the other Avengers are busy with the other Masters. However, the preview also sees T’Challa meditating while his allies fight the younger Mad Titan in order to “prepare for Doom.” Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue:







THE DEATH HUNTERS, PART THREE: THE VIVISECTION OF AVENGERS MOUNTAINASSAULT ON AVENGERS MOUNTAIN! The Avengers’ impenetrable headquarters is under attack, by the most supremely powerful version of Dr. Doom in existence and a wildly murderous Young Thanos, still wet with his mother’s blood. The Black Panther fights to defend the mountain alongside his surprising new teammates, King Namor of Atlantis and Jane Foster, the mighty Valkyrie.

Although Black Panther and this version of Doom haven’t begun to fight in this new preview, it’s clear that the full issue will feature an intense battle between the two rulers. Furthermore, the preview alone supports the argument that Doom and T’Challa should face off more often given how much they have in common. Both of them are leaders of entire nations while utilizing all sorts of impressive technologies with equally formidable intellects. The one thing Doom may have as an advantage is his magic, particularly this variant who became the Sorcerer Supreme of his world. However, perhaps the Black Panther’s preparations in this preview are so he can wield his own magic as a counterattack?

Regardless, one might wonder if Black Panther would serve as a better nemesis for Doctor Doom than Mr. Fantastic. While Doom and Reed Richards have their personal history, T’Challa certainly seems like he could give Reed a run for his money as a worthy rival to von Doom instead. In any case, the full Avengers #53 releases on February 9th, featuring what will no doubt be a major battle between the Black Panther and one of the most powerful variants of Doctor Doom in the multiverse.

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