Lindsay Lohan & William Shatner Go To The Gym Together In Super Bowl Ad

Lindsay Lohan and William Shatner team up for a hilarious Super Bowl 2022 commercial for Planet Fitness, poking fun at Lohan’s troubled past.

Lindsay Lohan is seeking redemption in a hilarious Super Bowl ad for Planet Fitness narrated by the iconic William Shatner. Lohan began acting as a child, starring in major films like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, and more. In more recent years, she hasn’t starred in any major projects and developed the reputation of being a party girl. In fact, she actually moved to Dubai, so she’s really been out of the spotlight.

Lohan had a brief foray into reality TV following the height of her acting fame. However, she remained a household name thanks to aspects of her personal life becoming tabloid news fodder. Lohan will make a return to the big screen this year in a Netflix holiday film, officially kicking off her comeback. Now, she has teamed up with Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk for a commercial that pokes fun at her momentary downward spiral.


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Planet Fitness released its Super Bowl commercial early this year, starring the unexpected duo of Shatner and Lohan. The premise of the ad is the focus on the new and improved version of Lohan. Viewers see her beat out Dennis Rodman in a Jeopardy question where the answer was actually about the basketball legend himself. Additionally, Shatner narrates that Lohan is “trading DUIs for DIYs” as she bedazzles an ankle monitor on none other than Danny Trejo. Check out the ad below:

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The Planet Fitness commercial ends with Shatner working out at the gym, as Lohan casually walks by, literally glowing, and greets him like it’s just another day in her life. The whole idea is that Lohan’s Planet Fitness membership was all it took for her to be on the straight and narrow, which is ridiculously clever. It’s even more believable when you’re delivering the jokes through such a recognizable voice like Shatner’s.

Planet Fitness nailed the Super Bowl commercial formula by packing its ad with layered comedy and plenty of buzz-worthy celebrity cameos. The focus on Lohan’s tabloid reputation is smart for not only the actress making her comeback in Hollywood but also for the brand looking to make a joke that resonates with a lot of people. The cherry on top is Shatner’s addition as the monotone narrator literally hiding in the background of the gym. It looks like even though he’s officially the world’s oldest astronaut, he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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