Kyle Blasted for Not Getting Amanda A Birthday Gift

Kyle Cooke is under fire among Summer House fans after waiting until the last minute to decide on a birthday gift for his fiancée Amanda Batula.

Kyle Cooke is under fire among Summer House fans after waiting until the last minute to decide on a birthday gift for his fiancée Amanda Batula. In the latest episode, Amanda celebrated her 30th birthday with her Hamptons housemates. With Kyle being her fiancé, fans expected him to be first in line with a lavish gift for his bride-to-be. But with a wedding that was coming up, Kyle came up short on buying Amanda a gift for the monumental birthday.

Only a few episodes into season 6 and Kyle has managed to upset Amanda just weeks ahead of their wedding. Between hanging out late, not answering her calls, and accidentally stepping on her foot, Amanda has shown her frustrations with Kyle. While the couple has since tied the knot, cameras are revealing all the relationship issues that plagued Kyle and Amanda leading up to their wedding. Viewers have voiced their concerns about Kyle’s behavior and Amanda’s tolerance of it.


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In the latest episode, the gang threw Amanda a 90-themed party in honor of her 30th birthday. The Summer House crew however Amanda with presents including a pogo stick from Lindsay Hubbard and a donation to Waldo’s Rescue Pen, where she and Kyle Cooke foster dogs from, gifted to her by Luke Gulbranson. But it was Amanda’s own fiancé who struggled to decide on a gift for his wife-to-be. Reddit user u/HayPlaceAPlaceforHay started a thread asking why “Kyle got her nothing for her 30th birthday?”  Fans didn’t hold back passing their judgments on Kyle seemingly snubbing his wife’s special day. “I’m not a gift person, but if my fiancé didn’t get me a gift for my 30th, not even a card, I’d be so upset,” one Redditor said.

Others suggested gestures Kyle could and should have made for Amanda’s 30th birthday. “He could have called a local boutique and had them drop off an outfit and some jewelry… something…. Anything,” one person said. Editors also made sure to highlight all of the grand gestures Amanda has made in the past for Kyle’s birthday. Watching the montage only made viewers more upset at Kyle for opting out of giving his wife a birthday gift so soon after he upset her by hanging out late and ignoring her calls. “How selfish/self centered can one person be??” one Redditor asked. While Kyle hasn’t portrayed himself as a saint in the past, with him and Amanda being so close to getting married during season 6, viewers expected better behavior from him.

However, Kyle has been showing his stubborn approach to Amanda voicing her frustrations and concerns. The season kicked off with Amanda throwing a fit and revealing her insecurities over the possibility of Kyle cheating on her again. She also revealed the wedding contract they have in the event Kyle does cheat on her, he has to reimburse her parents for the wedding. The reveal only made viewers question the trust and loyalty in Kyle and Amanda’s marriage. The Summer House couple is still going strong amid all the criticism they’re receiving from fans.

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Source: u/HayPlaceAPlaceforHay/Reddit

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