Kris Jenner Hopes Kendall Jenner Will Give Her A 12th Grandchild

Kris Jenner is ecstatic over Kylie’s new baby, but the momager admits she hopes that daughter Kendall Jenner will give her a grandchild too.

The Kardashians‘ Kris Jenner is still celebrating the birth of her 11th grandchild, Wolf Webster, but she’s already ready for a 12th, and she’s hoping daughter Kendall Jenner will deliver the baby. As of now, Kendall is the last remaining Kardashian-Jenner child not to have any kids. Kourtney was the first to welcome a baby into her life and currently has three kids, with rumors swirling that she’s ready for another one with her fiancé Travis Barker. Kim added four children to the family, and Kylie just added her second, while Khloe and Rob both have just one for now.

Kendall has always been somewhat of a black sheep in her family. Throughout her time on KUWTK, she always seemed to relate more to the Jenner side of the family as she favored adventure and athletic activities over more stereotypically feminine things like fashion and beauty. While the star is a fashion model, her career has taken a different route than her famous sisters. Kendall has also always lived a more private life than the rest of her family, with most of her relationships being unconfirmed and her current boyfriend, Devin Booker, being essentially absent from her Instagram page–unlike, say, Kourtney and Travis who have no problem kissing all over everyone’s Instagram feeds.


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While Kendall seems to be on a different path than the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, momager Kris is still holding out hope that she’ll soon join her sisters in becoming a mother. Kris visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she discussed Kylie’s new son Wolf, named all 11 of her grandchildren, almost forgetting about True, and answered a crucial question about her next grandchild. When the show’s host asked which of her six children would give her a 12th grandchild, the Kardashian matriarch responded, “I think it would be nice if it was Kendall,” adding that she’s the only one of her children who doesn’t have a baby.

When asked if she thinks Kendall would be on board with the idea, Kris admitted, “I think she would eventually love to have a baby.” Ellen, however, was not so sure Kendall will have Kris’ 12th grandchild and instead thinks one of the other five will deliver another child first. But before fans get excited to see Kendall as a mom, the star has revealed nothing about her plans to give birth; in fact, when she visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018, she made it clear she was enjoying being an aunt and was not ready to have a child herself.

While Kris would love to see her eldest Jenner daughter deliver her 12th grandchild, it seems like Kendall is enjoying her life as a childless 26-year-old. Whether she’s hanging out with Hailey Bieber at the Super Bowl or promoting her tequila brand, 818, the KUWTK star seems way too career-focused to welcome a child any time soon. Perhaps the Kourtney and Travis rumors are true and they’ll be the ones to give Kris her 12th grandchild. As for Kendall, there’s always grandchild No. 13, whenever she’s ready of course.

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