Khalistani separatist organisation Sikhs For Justice’s letter supporting AAP goes viral, Pannu says it is fake

On February 17, when only two days are left for the assembly elections polling in Punjab, a letter claiming to be from Khalistani terrorist organization Sikhs For Justice is making rounds on social media platforms in which the organization has extended its support for Bhagwant Mann, Chief Ministerial face for the Aam Aadmi Party.

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In the letter, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, founder and designated terrorist who signed the letter, urged people to vote for AAP in the assembly elections so that they can once again “hope to fulfil their target (to form Khalistan).” He also claimed SFJ had supported AAP in previous assembly elections.

The letter, published in Punjabi, reads, “We, the members of Sikhs for Justice, announce full support for Bhagwant Singh Mann of the Aam Aadmi Party for the Punjab Assembly elections. These elections are crucial for Punjab and our group because if Aam Aadmi Party forms government in Punjab, the hope of achieving our target [to form Khalistan] will rise again.”

It added, “Our group has supported Aam Aadmi Party in the 2017 assembly elections, and we are supporting the party in these elections as well. We are urging every one of you that in these elections, give your support to Aam Aadmi Party so that once again we become strong and attain a strong position.”

AAP supporters thanked SFJ

Several posts emerged on social media platforms where AAP supporters thanked SFJ for the support.

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Pannu releases video, says letter is fake

After the alleged SFJ letter went viral on social media, SFJ’s Gurpatwant Singh Pannu has released a video claiming that the letter is fake and the SFJ has not announced support for any politicial party. In the video, Pannu is seen saying, “The letter being circulated in the name of SFJ is fake. It is circulated by Bhagwant Mann and AAP. SFJ does not believe in the Indian Constitution or any political party. SFJ’s only goal is separating Punjab from India and for that, we will do referendum voting soon. Stay away from liar AAP. I am warning Mann and Kejriwal, anyone who comes from Delhi, be it Indira, Modi or Kejriwal, they will be opposed. I urge everyone to raise the Khalistan flag from every booth on election day.”

Kumar Vishwas claimed Delhi CM Kejriwal once expressed desire to become Khalistan’s first PM

In a statement on February 16, former-AAP leader Kumar Vishwas had alleged that AAP chief and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had once told him that he would either become CM of Punjab or first PM of free Khalistan. Vishwas had said on multiple occasions that AAP was supporting fringe separatist elements and Khalistan supporters in Punjab.

Other AAP members, including Gul Panag and former AAP member Yogendra Yadav, had hinted AAP was taking support from Khalistani groups and fringe elements in Punjab. In previous assembly elections, a prominent member of the banned Khalistani organization had campaigned for AAP in Punjab. After Vishwas’s statement AAP threatened media houses against publishing his remarks. In a reply, Vishwas said, “These are the Chintus (pawns) of that person (Kejriwal) speaking, who have entered the party after we made the governments out of our own blood and sweat. They’ve come to lick the ‘cream’ now. Tell those chintus to send their Aaka (mastermind) to speak.”

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