Kelly Clarkson Files To Legally Change Her Last Name

Kelly Clarkson is ready for a new start after her divorce from Brandon Blackstock. The Voice coach is doing so by legally changing her last name.

Kelly Clarkson may be a name of the past, as The Voice coach has filed to legally change her last name from Clarkson to Brianne. Kelly married Brandon Blackstock, Reba McEntire’s former stepson, back in 2013, and the pair share two children together, River Rose Blackstock, 7, and Remington Alexander Blackstock, 5. In June 2020, it was reported that the pair would be splitting, and since then, Kelly has been very open about her tumultuous divorce and her plans to never get married again. In August 2021, a judge approved the singer’s request to drop Blackstock from her name and return to just Kelly Clarkson. However, now the star is looking to drop her last name entirely and go by her middle name instead.


Since the start of her career, Kelly has been open about her distant relationship with her late father. The star’s parents divorced when she was 6, and since then, she hadn’t had a close relationship with him up to his death in 2018. At 16, Kelly began writing her song “Because of You,” which would eventually end up on her 2004 album, Breakaway. The song chronicles her complicated relationship with her father and all the ways he left her feeling abandoned and ashamed. In 2015, Kelly released “Piece By Piece,” a song for her then-husband and all the ways she believed he was better to her and her children than her own father had been.

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Kelly is seemingly distancing herself even farther from her father as she has reportedly filed to legally drop her last name and replace it will her middle name instead. According to documents obtained by The BlastKelly’s recent divorce has prompted her to not just remove Blackstock from her name but Clarkson as well. As for why the star has decided to change her last name, the star says, “A desire to change my name. My new name more fully reflects who I am.” Coincidentally, the form was filed on Valentine’s Day, hinting that Kelly was embracing her single status and focusing on self-love for the day.

It’s unclear if the name change has anything to do with Kelly’s rocky relationship with her father. However, as she continues to take her power back from men who have hurt her in the past, like ex-husband Brandon, it seems fitting. It also has not been confirmed if Kelly will be changing her name publicly, as Kelly Clarkson has been a brand since her American Idol days. It’s likely she will stick with Clarkson when she’s in the public eye as a way to not mess with endeavors like The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kelly Brianne does have a nice ring to it, and if it helps Kelly feel more herself than more power to her. However, fans may not have to say goodbye to the name they’ve always known her as, as The Voice coach will likely stay Kelly Clarkson in the public eye. Though, there’s no telling for sure what her plans are for her new name. Either way, it’s great to see Kelly taking her power back and reinventing herself on her own terms.

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