Jew-Hater Ariyana Love Accuses Me of Impersonating Messianic-Christian Woman (Including Epic Meltdown!)

Jew-hater Ariyana Love never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t, ehh, love.

These days, they are mostly surrounding Covid, but occasionally they are about…yours truly.

Among those she has already spread about me:

  • I am a hacker extraordinaire
  • I am a “key IT player” in defending Israel against “Anomyous” #OpIsrael campaigns
  • Israellycool is backed by “grade 4 military protection” 
  • I recruited pro-Zionist politicians within the Finnish government
  • I recruit people in government to assault her
  • I use official Israeli cyberwarfare tactics
  • I assault pro-Palestinian Human Rights campaigners, single women and children, all day long

Love has just written yet another blog post dedicated to yours truly. Besides some of the usual conspiracy theories, she has added a new one: that I created a blog site pretending to be a Messianic Christian woman in order “to mock Jesus Christ and deceive western Christians“!

SAP Israel, a multi-national IT company, strikes again!

A new blog addressed as an “open letter” to Stew Peters, was recently published in response to my last interview on Stew Peters Show. The blog is part of SAP Israel’s ongoing campaign to harass me, assassinate my character and convince Zionist Christians and the public at large, that I am a dangerous “Jew-hater”.

The blog was quite obviously created by a SAP Israel’s IT specialist, David Lange, who established this fake website to mock Jesus Christ and deceive western Christians. Lange is a cyber stalker who assaults single females and children and he is a Zionist terrorist working for the Israeli state.

SAP Israel is using cyber warfare and cancel culture tactics in an attempt to recruit Christians to attack me. They don’t want me to report the Israeli state’s crimes against humanity or talk about their vaccine Holocaust.

In the first 5 minute video clip in the blog, you see an excerpt extracted from a broadcast I did in 2017, where I discussed the history of the Khazarian empire and it’s Ashkenazi descendants. I was not referring to the true Torah Jews! SAP Israel’s cyber terrorists have been using this same video to smear me with, since 2018. I have never been against Jews and I have never spoken against Jews.

The author of the blog addressed to Stew Peters, is written by a supposed “Jewish Christian” named Geri Ungrean. That is the first idiotic clue that something is fishy. You cannot be a Jew and a Christian.

A quick Internet search was enough to see that this is undoubtedly a fictitious character. There’s no contact information on this fake blog but it’s asking for donations for harassing me. Typical Lange style.

When you scroll down to the bottom of this fake blog, there’s only five other bloggers who liked the site and they are all Gravatar profiles.

For example, the public profile of “Ernesto E. Carrasco” has a fake Twitter account with zero followers and zero follows. “Ernesto’s” Facebook page follows zealot Zionist Ben Shapiro and fundamentalist Zionist US politicians who put Israel first, like Ken Paxton, Scott Walker, Mitt Romney, etc.

The second Gravatar account is another fanatic Zionist as you can see here and the other accounts are clearly fictitious characters as you can see here. David Lange got lazy or figured that nobody would bother to look any further.

The blog is also accusing me of being a “fake” doctor which is libelous and false. I am a certified, ordained Minister and spiritual counselor which gives me the “Dr.” title. In addition, I am a Naturopathic Doctor. According to US law, my certificates afford me the legal title “Dr. Ariyana Love”. I also write my name as “Dr. Ariyana Love, N.D.” so people know what kind of a doctor I am.

I want SAP Israel’s targeted harassment of me to stop.

The website which Love accuses me of being behind is the one I referenced in one of my recent posts about her. It has many posts beyond the one attacking her, many of which quote the Christian bible. This one, for example, speaks about Jesus dying for our sins, something I personally reject as a believing Jew.

Love’s first “proof” that I must be behind it is the fact the author Geri Ungrean calls herself a Messianic Jew. Love is actually correct when she writes “You cannot be a Jew and a Christian”, but there are plenty of people out there calling themselves Messianic Jews (and I am on record strongly speaking out against them).

Love’s second “proof” is that “a quick Internet search was enough to see” that Geri Ungrean is “undoubtedly a fictitious character.” Well, it must have been really quick, because when I Googled “Geri Ungrean”, I found very easily:

She seems pretty real to me.

Love’s third “proof” is that “There’s no contact information on this fake blog but it’s asking for donations for harassing me.” Also not true: this page has some contact information:

If you would like to bless us with a gift, please send to: Geri Ungurean P.O. Box 1031 Savage, MD 20763

Her Gravatar profile contains the same address as well as the email address

Love’s fourth “proof is that “only five other bloggers who liked the site and they are all Gravatar profiles.” Hardly proof, because not everyone has thousands of followers. In any event, it looks like she scrolled to the bottom of the first page of the blog site and saw 5 people liked the post that appears at the bottom. But this other post of hers, for example, has 85 bloggers liking it. And of course they are all “Gravatar profiles” – that is how the ‘Like’ widget works.

In other words, all that Love has shown with this latest conspiracy theory is how incredibly dumb she is. In addition to being batshit crazy.

Not that this wasn’t already obvious.

Jew-Hater Ariyana Love Accuses Me of Impersonating Messianic-Christian Woman (Including Epic Meltdown!)

Update: I am now also an Israeli spy and terrorist (and she’s having a meltdown!)

And in a classic case of projection, she calls me “dumb as f*ck”

Bla bla bla

Ariyana Love, Israel doesn’t know who you are. You are a nobody. Just a fake doctor antisemite. Don’t flatter yourself. I post about you just like I post about other unrepentant Jew-haters inciting against my people. It is my way of fighting back, and every insane rant of yours like this shows just how effective I am at it!


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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