Jasmine Confirms Gino Sent Her Unclothed Photos To Ex

90 Day Fiancé sneak peek shows Jasmine is furious as she discovers that Gino shared her nude pics with an ex. Gino lies, but she’s got hard evidence.


In a sneak peak of Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Jasmine confirms that Gino has indeed sent nude photos of her to one of his exes. The couple, who is currently spending time in Jasmine’s home country of Panama, finally met after chatting on line for nine months. So far, the couple is on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to displaying their emotions. Gino comes across as a fairly laid-back person, and one who is quick to forgive. Jasmine, on the other hand, has displayed an intense jealous streak, and is quick to explode in anger.

The couple, who immediately discovered that they were compatible in the bedroom, have since had several interactions go south because of Jasmine’s volatility. Whether it’s using expletives to refer to Gino’s exes or her disapproval of his boring Christmas gift, Jasmine does not disguise her feelings. Her fiery personality was confirmed by her friend who shared a graphic story about Jasmine throwing a fit at a salon. Her reactions are swift and harsh and require little provocation. The worst incident occurred after Gino told her that he still liked the colors that he and his ex-wife had painted their walls. This admission sent Jasmine into a tantrum that left Gino finally questioning whether they were a good match.


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On Thursday, People revealed an exclusive sneak peak of Sunday’s episode, in which Jasmine confirms that Gino sent a nude photo of her to his ex. While examining a phone, she asks him, “Did you send her naked pictures of me?” Gino, looking like a deer in the headlights, responds rather unconvincingly after an extremely long and awkward pause, “What? No, I’m sorry, I did not do that. That’s for darn sure I didn’t do that.” Unfortunately, for Gino, his lie is easily disproved as Jasmine presents him with a screen shot and challenges him to, “explain this to me because this is just a screenshot and I have never sent these nudes to anyone, but just to you.”

Before the 90 Days Gino and Jasmine

Having confirmed her suspicions, Jasmine understandably breaks down in tears and informs Gino that she’ll never be able to trust him again. Gino attempts to soften the blow of her discovery by declaring that he wanted to make his ex jealous of his “hot” girlfriend and that “was the only time” he ever did it. Needless to say, Jasmine is furious and escalates to sobbing in despair as she walks away from him. Gino announces “It’s not good” before getting up – presumably to chase after her. Currently on a trip-within-a-trip on an exclusive private island, the couple will likely be forced to deal with the aftermath of Jasmine’s discovery sooner rather than later.

Gino incurring Jasmine’s wrath will come as no surprise to fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. During their short time together, she has lost it several times – often over seemingly minor infractions. This time, however, Jasmine’s anger and feelings of betrayal and mistrust will likely receive support from viewers. There aren’t many scenarios where sharing private nude photographs with a third party (especially an ex!) goes over well with the subject of the photos. Fans are eager to see if this is just another bump in the road for the tempestuous couple or if it’s the end of Jasmine and Gino.

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