Inside Hina Khan’s Egypt vacation: From posing with the pyramids to chilling with a camel, see photos

Hina Khan’s vacation in Egypt is giving her fans some serious travel goals. The actor is in the country with her long-time beau Rocky Jaiswal. She has been sharing photos and videos of the ancient land and giving her fans a sneak peek into her Egyptian journey. Hina flew to Egypt a week ago to celebrate Valentine’s Day as well as Rocky Jaiswal’s birthday.

Earlier this week, Hina shared a photo of herself enjoying “Perfect weather, perfect location and a perfect companion.” However, her companion was not Rocky, but a camel. “I must say we’re quite photogenic.. isn’t it? Had an amazing experience at Giza, Egypt. These #Pyramids take you back in time with just a look. You have to see it to believe it,” she wrote along with the set of photos.

Sharing more photos of herself, Hina quoted Philae Temple Aswan and wrote, “History does not belong to us, we belong to it.” She also tagged herself as a wanderer and shared how being to Egypt was everything about mysteries and memories.

The actor is currently in the city of Alexandria. She shared a video of her guide who explained how Queen Cleopatra’s son Caesarion was born and it led to the coining of the term Cesarean delivery aka C-section. In a picture, she flaunted a new hairdo, which concerned her fans if she got bangs. However, Hina explained it is just a patch that she had for a long time. She said she is having “so much fun” on her tour of the country.

Inside Hina Khan’s Egypt vacation: From posing with the pyramids to chilling with a camel, see photos Hina Khan sports new look in Egypt. (Photo: Hina Khan/Instagram)
Hina Khan with her tour guide. (Photo: Hina Khan/Instagram)
Hina Khan exploring her ‘skills.’ (Photo: Hina Khan/Instagram)

Hina’s trip to Egypt has happened a month after her family tested positive for Covid-19. In January, she shared the “harsh reality.”

“Harsh Reality: These days life and insta both are mostly about nice pictures with lovely visuals..but when it’s 2020×2(2022) I guess the reality is twice as difficult as 2020. When everyone in the family tests positive for covid and you are the only negative in the house, you have to gear up with masks and sanitisers 24×7 and look after the entire to say there will be marks behind .. just like the ones I got after wearing my masks 24/7. But as they say when life presents itself as an obstacle course .. become a ninja warrior.. or atleast try. And this post is to tell you that trying is enough.. it gets you to the other side just fine. Let us all try and fight it again .. with scars and battle marks .. just like a warrior.. This too shall pass and remember when Life gives you lemons make a bloody lemonade,” she wrote.

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