How to Take Pictures on Seirai Island in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact quest Reminiscence of Seirai has players take pictures at four iconic locations across Seirai Island. Here’s where to find them.

Players will need to take pictures at special locations on Seirai Island to complete a Genshin Impact quest that encourages exploration of Seirai Island, a new location within the recently-added Inazuma region. The thing that makes Inazuma so interesting is all the underground passageways and secrets for players to discover. Players who were fortunate enough to pull for Raiden Shogun will need to explore this location to find her ascension materials. Aside from that, there are many new side quests for players to complete. The “Reminiscence of Seirai” side quest tasks players with taking pictures of the most iconic locations on the island.


To unlock this quest, players will need to examine the small shrine located to the west of Fort Hiraumi. Upon examination, players will be given a Picture Commemorating Seirai Island. Players will then need to head back to Inazuma City and speak with Furuya Noburu. This will send players over to Oda Tarou, who will ask the player to take pictures of four specific locations on Seirai Island.

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To bring out the camera in Genshin Impact, players just need to open the menu and select the camera option. Fortunately, all photo locations are fairly close to one another. Players can walk between them or warp to the nearest waypoint to make travel simpler.

Every Photo Location on Seirai Island in Genshin Impact

genshin impact seirai reminiscence picture locations

Before Genshin Impact players can set out to click pictures, they first need to discover a strange picture. This picture is located northeast of Fort Hiraumi island. Next, players will have to look for a miniature hut relic and interact with it to collect this strange picture. After obtaining this picture, players should get the “Reminiscence of Seirai Island” in the world quest list. Here are the locations of every photo on Seirai Island. 

  • Photo 1: Located near the same location as where the player found the Picture Commemorating Seirai Island, between Fort Hiraumi and Koseki Village. Players will need to photograph the rocks on the island across the water.
  • Photo 2: Located southwest of Koseki Village on the beach. Players will need to photograph the rock and horizon over the southern waters from a hill on the shoreline.
  • Photo 3: Located on the island west of Seiraimaru. Players should face the shipwreck and snap a photo of it.
  • Photo 4: Located north of Amakumo Peak. Players will need to photograph the mountain and lake from the path on the western side.

The game does provide images depicting the locations where players must take each photo. Players will also receive a pop up notification when they have their camera at the right angle to capture each photograph. After grabbing them all, players should head back into Inazuma City and speak with Oda Tarou again to complete the quest. Once players submit the photos, they will unlock the “On the Other Side of Homesickness” worth 5 Primogems and other rewards including 300 XP, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 2 Hero’s Wit, 30 Primogems, and 15,000 Mora. This quest does give a better appreciation of the new landscape of the Seirai Islands. It pushes players into the world to discover everything Teyvat has to offer.

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Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Mobile, and PC.

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