How Long Horizon Forbidden West Takes To Beat

Horizon Forbidden West returns players to Aloy’s post-apocalyptic world, but how long does it take to beat the main story and get the Platinum Trophy?

Now that Horizon Forbidden West has been released, many prospective players may be wondering how long the game takes to beat. And, as with most Sony exclusives, trophies – and how long it takes to get Platinum – are also on a lot of people’s minds. So, how long does Horizon Forbidden West take to beat, and how much longer will players have to spend attempting to get the Platinum Trophy?

Trophies for Horizon Forbidden West leaked online ahead of its release, many of which contained spoilers that won’t be shared here. However, for those who glimpsed the trophies list, it did provide a bit of context for what the game has to offer in terms of story and side content. Ultimately, how long Horizon Forbidden West takes to beat will come down to whether players only stick with its main story – and how much they spend with side quests and exploration.


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Thus far, reviews for Horizon Forbidden West have been positive, with many reviewers citing its story, gameplay, and exploration as highlights. Players once again control Aloy as she roams across a post-apocalyptic landscape. However, new features and mechanics make this feel like more than just a retread of Zero Dawn. Players who only stick with the main story can expect to beat Horizon Forbidden West in about 30 hours, putting it on par with many AAA games and RPGs.

How Long Horizon Forbidden West Takes To Platinum

Horizon Forbidden West Review Roundup

While 3o hours is a good expectation for how long it will take many players to beat Horizon Forbidden West and its main story, there are other factors to consider. The game has a lot of exploration and side content – all of which can add to the amount of time players spend with Aloy. Those who prefer exploring and taking a leisurely pace may find that it takes them closer to 35-40 hours to beat. Playstyles and what difficulty level players choose can also make these times vary wildly.

For those looking to try to Platinum Horizon Forbidden West, it will require about 55-60 hours (roughly double the investment for simply finishing the main story). However, this is also dependent on playstyles. Getting the Platinum Trophy is also not reliant on difficulty level, although the game does have a bit of level-gating early on, and a higher difficulty can certainly tack on more time for a playthrough. Whether players choose to go after the Platinum Trophy is entirely up to them, of course, but the main story of Horizon Forbidden West can be completed in about 30 hours.

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