Horizon Forbidden West May Have Flying Mounts, According To Leak

A recent leak suggests that players could finally ride flying machines in Horizon Forbidden West after spending all of Zero Dawn on the ground.

A new leak suggests that players will finally be able to take to the skies with flying mounts in Horizon Forbidden West. In Guerrilla Games’ 2017 hit Horizon Zero Dawn, outcast-turned-unlikely hero Aloy is able to take control of the many robotic beasts that roam the landscape of the post-apocalyptic United States with Horizon Zero Dawn’s trusty Override ability. While players can ride on the back of some of them, both Aloy and the machines are stuck firmly on the ground. Guerilla Games originally planned to let players ride flying machines in Horizon Zero Dawn, but this feature was ultimately cut from the finished product.


The upcoming Horizon Forbidden West looks to expand on the list of visually-stunning mechanical creatures Aloy can hunt and tame, with a recent strategy guide hinting at roughly 40 different machine types. These include massive new foes like the snakelike Slitherfang and agile Clawstriders among many others. Aloy will also learn new ways to navigate her surroundings in Horizon Forbidden West, as early trailers for the game showed off Forbidden West’s new underwater transversal system that will see Aloy battle robots beneath the beautifully rendered waves of the titular Forbidden West.

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As reported by GamesRadar, a ResetEra user posted a leak from a Horizon Forbidden West review from the Chinese gaming website NGA, that has since been deleted due to possible spoilers. One noteworthy detail that this review is said to have revealed is that Aloy will now be able to ride the bird-like Sunwing as a mount. It isn’t clear if players will be able to ride any other flying machines, such as the Glinthawks from Zero Dawn, but other users in the forum have expressed excitement at reportedly being able to take to the skies at last.

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If true, flying isn’t the only new feature coming to Horizon Forbidden West, as Guerilla Games has promised that Forbidden West will have a branching skill tree system that will allow players to choose between six different playstyles emphasizing stealth, melee combat, or hacking. Aloy also has a few new tools at her disposal in her latest adventure, such as the grappling hook-like Pullcaster and glider that will open up new options for traversing the diverse environments of Horizon Forbidden West. Players will even come across narrative choices during Aloy’s quest to uncover the truth behind a mysterious plague and dangerous new tribe, though Guerilla Games has stated that there won’t be multiple endings in the traditional sense.

Players have been wanting to ride flying machines as Aloy since Horizon Zero Dawn first launched to great reviews back in 2017, so the news that they might be able to take to the air in Forbidden West is certainly exciting. Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on both the PS4 and PS5 next week, meaning that fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out if they truly can explore the skies above the Claim.

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Source: ResetEra (via GamesRadar)

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