Hijab, Saffron Scarves Banned In Minority Schools

Hijab, Saffron Scarves Banned In Minority Schools

Karnataka government has cited the High Court order while issuing the circular (File)


The Karnataka government on Thursday ordered that the students studying in schools managed by the minority welfare department including the Maulana Azad Model English Medium schools in the state should not wear saffron scarves, Hijab or any religious flags.

A circular issued by Major Manivannan P, secretary in the department of minority welfare, Hajj and Wakf Department, said the Karnataka High Court has in its interim order restrained all the students regardless of their religion or faith from wearing saffron shawls, scarves, Hijab, religious flags or the like within the classroom, until further orders.

“The above High Court order is applicable to residential schools, colleges, Maulana Azad Model English Medium schools coming under the minority welfare department. Against this background, wearing saffron shawl, scarves, Hijab or any other religious flags is prohibited in the schools and colleges and Maulana Azad Model English Medium schools, which come under the minority welfare department,” the order read.

The order comes amid simmering tension in the schools and colleges over minority girls with Burqa and Hijab being denied entry in the schools and colleges, following last week’s High Court order.

Meanwhile, cases were registered against nine people for violating the prohibitory orders issued by the Shivamogga district authority under Section 144 of the CrPC. They had staged protest against the PU College authorities in the district headquarter town for not letting the Muslim girls with Burqa on the campus. 

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