Heather Rae Young Shares About Her Recent Foot Injury

Heather Young, an agent featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, shares about the challenges and “severe pain” she has faced from a new injury.

Heather Rae Young, featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, shared about her journey as she recovers from a recent foot injury. Often on the sideline when it comes to Selling Sunset, Heather has resurfaced lately, taking a larger role both on-screen and in the news surrounding the series. Heather has fallen in love with motherhood after helping to step in as a step-parent for her husband Tarek El Moussa’s children. Now Heather hopes to have her own children, vocalizing her journey to hopefully raise biological children with Tarek. With a more mature take on life, Heather has helped raise children, growing in her own personal progression along the way.


From weddings to a growing family, Heather has plenty to look forward in the new year. Continuing on Selling Sunset and slowly growing closer with the women at the office, both her co-workers and fans of the series have drawn closer to her renewed energy. Amidst a handful of dramatic moments both on and off of Selling Sunset, Heather has stayed focused on what is important, putting relationships over publicity. Heather’s continued support for her friends and her boundaries with bullies has helped preserve the office but also reaffirmed her place on the series.

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As reported by Us Weekly, Heather explained her recent injury in an Instagram Story, which left her feeling “severe pain.” Without a clear cause, Heather shared that she “[couldn’t] move [her] toe or walk.” Resulting in both physical and emotional suffering, the reality star explored how difficult this moment in time has been for her with a possible “stress fracture,” leading to her feeling as if she is “falling apart.” While her injury has left her unable to participate in regular exercise or her daily routines, it also seems to be impacting her fertility journey, leading to undue stress. Expressing that she has experienced “low moments” recently, her foot condition only added to the increasing list of complications as she tries to become a mother. Still confident that she can recover from this injury, Heather moves forward towards her fertility goals, clinging on to hope for a brighter season ahead.

Heather Rae Young on Selling Sunset season 4

Despite all the joys of marriage, Heather has also had plenty of obstacles arise over the course of the past year. Struggling with becoming a mother and now injured, Heather has become accustomed to pain and disappointment. Without losing hope, Heather explained that she has “tried to stay as positive as possible” and embrace the blessings she has at the moment. Focusing on “rest and heal[ing],” Heather has been forced to slow down and take care of herself, despite her whirlwind of a schedule. Even though exercise and fashion aren’t accessible at the moment, Heather has the time to focus on herself and her own well-being, slowing down and making sense of her current season of life.

Taking time for herself and those around her, Heather has formed stronger relationships over the past year. While the girls have been heavily focused on what’s next for Selling Sunset and the dramatic feuds brewing on and off-screen, Heather has managed to stay fairly removed from the situation, despite her few incidents with Christine Quinn. Acting as an example for her step-children, Heather’s demeanor has taken a sudden shift for the better, whether it be in response to challenges or even in her dealings at the Oppenheim Group. While she still has her dramatic moments, Heather has shifted from a questionable character to a reliable friend, agent and wife.

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Source: Us Weekly

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