Halo Show Includes Some Deep Cut Franchise Easter Eggs

Halo producer Darryl Frank reveals that the show will include some deep-cut franchise Easter eggs that only the most diehard fans will notice.

The upcoming Halo series is said to include some very deep-cut franchise Easter eggs. After many years of development and numerous false starts, the Halo series is finally approaching an actual release date. The show, which is based on the popular video game series of the same name, will follow the exploits of the iconic Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) during a 26th-century war between humans and an alien force known as the Covenant.

The first trailer for Halo teased what is to come when the show is released in March, showcasing impressive practical armor suits and a healthy dose of action. In addition to the Master Chief, the show is also bringing back a host of other characters that game fans are familiar with, including Cortana (Jen Taylor), Dr. Halsey (Natasha McElhone), Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray), and Jacob Keyes (Danny Sapani). Although not the first live-action Halo project, the series does mark the biggest venture into the Halo world thus far and faces the difficult task of pleasing both hardcore fans and newcomers alike.


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Speaking at the Paramount+ TCA event, Halo’s Executive Producer Darryl Frank revealed that the show will include some deep-cut Easter eggs for passionate franchise fans. The references will come not only from the world of the Halo games, but will also draw from the many Halo novels as well. Frank teases that hardcore fans can expect to see some characters show up that never appeared in the games at all and were perhaps only featured in one of the books. Check out Frank’s full comment below:

“You get rewarded at any level you approach the show from. If you’re a Halo deep lore fan, there are gonna be Easter eggs. There are gonna be characters you may have only heard about in one of the 17 or so books that were written. Some characters don’t exist in the games at all, they’re only in the backstory. Some are brand new. And if you’re absolutely new to the game or don’t know anything about it, it’s still a great story. It’s a great war story, love story, political story, story of intrigue, and story of characters who are just reaching for something and they’re all yearning for something that’s just beyond their grasp. And the heroism comes in the trying, not so much in succeeding.”

Although the Halo franchise has millions of fans around the world – a number that is still growing today due to the record-breaking launch of Halo: Infinite – the show’s producers still have to create a show that will appeal to people who have never played a Halo game in their life. Fortunately, Frank’s comments make clear that the show will have some bonus content that only the most passionate fans will notice. His statements also suggest that the show really is drawing from every facet of the Halo universe, not just the games, in a move that will likely please longtime fans.

Like any science-fiction story set far in the future, world-building will play a large role in the Halo series. Newcomers will need to be introduced to the vast and complex world of Halo, many elements of which loyal fans will likely already be familiar with. Thankfully, Frank’s comments suggest that these longtime players of the original video games are still top-of-mind for the show’s producers, and this show is as much for diehard Halo fans as it is for more casual viewers less familiar with the deep lore, but who will find it no less engaging.

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