Green Lantern Show Star Gives Update on HBO Max Adaptation

Finn Wittrock, set to play Guy Gardner in the upcoming DC series Green Lantern, provides an update on the HBO Max project announced back in 2019.

Finn Wittrock, who is set to portray Guy Gardner in the upcoming Green Lantern TV show, gives an update on the HBO Max adaptation. The Green Lantern universe is coming back into the world of live-action, but not on the big screen. Despite a Green Lantern Corps film having been in development since 2014, Warner Bros. is bringing the Emerald Knights to the small screen through HBO Max. Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti is shepherding the DC drama with Seth Grahame-Smith attached as the showrunner. The DC drama will span multiple decades while exploring several prominent Green Lantern characters. The lineup will consist of Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kilowog, and Sinestro. Green Lantern is also introducing Bree Jarta, an original character created for the series.


Despite Green Lantern being announced back in October 2019, it has been a slow development process. It wasn’t until October 2020 that HBO Max officially ordered Green Lantern to series with a 10-episode commitment for season 1. While already having announced multiple characters, the project has only two confirmed cast members thus far. Jeremy Irvine will star as Alan Scott, Earth’s first Green Lantern, whose story takes place in 1941. The second time period will be 1984, with Guy Gardner portrayed by Wittrock. Outside of Alan and Guy, the other Green Lanterns have still not been cast.

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While there is still a good chunk of roles to be cast, Wittrock gives eager fans an update on Green Lantern‘s progression. During an Instagram Q&A, a fan asks if the American Horror Story star could reveal anything about the upcoming DC project. Due to contractual obligations, Wittrock couldn’t reveal anything spoiler-y, but he assures everyone that Green Lantern is still happening and that he is a fan of the script. Check out his full response below:

I am sworn to secrecy, and especially since I am new to the DCU, I don’t want them to kick me out of the universe! But I can tell you that the script is great, and that I’m just starting to get into Guy Gardner shape!

green lantern corps, guy gardner

Despite the slow development, it can also be seen as a good thing for Green Lantern to be taking its time. Since the announcement in 2019, it has been said by HBO Max, Warner Bros., and the Green Lantern creatives that this will be one of the biggest DC TV shows of all time. The production budget is also said to have a movie quality to it, meaning they’re putting a lot of resources into this DC project. With such commitment, it makes sense for the studio not to rush anything, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected productions in general.

Based on Wittrock’s comments, the fact that he’s starting to get into Guy Gardner-shape likely means that filming could start sometime later this year. It wouldn’t be shocking at this point if Green Lantern becomes available sometime in early-2023. Given how special effects-heavy the show is going to be, there’s going to be a ton of post-production work done on all 10 episodes. Hopefully Green Lantern season 1 will at least have rounded out its cast by this summer and be ready to start rolling the cameras before the year’s end.

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Source: Finn Wittrock/Instagram

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