God Of War: Ragnarok Will Have 2 New Valkyries

With Freya playing a prominent role in God of War: Ragnarok, 2 powerful Valkyries have been added to the roster of intense boss battles for Kratos.

The much anticipated God of War: Ragnarök is set to release sometime in 2022, and will feature two new Valkyries. Players could encounter nine of these winged warriors in 2018’s God of War. Norse Mythology has many Valkyries and adding only two may be a little surprising to some. Freya is their queen and she will play a prominent role in the sequel. The two new Valkyries revealed, named Hrist and Gna, may serve a similar purpose to the previous warriors in the first game.

In Norse Mythology, these elite female soldiers bring half of the chosen dead to Odin in Valhalla, while Freya takes the other deceased heroes. One of the best God of War sidequests involved the Valkyries, who were cursed by Odin after his wife left him. There are eight intense fights for Kratos to overcome, unlocking one final battle with Sigrun. While there is not necessarily a massive payoff to completing the side quest, players do get to learn fascinating lore from Mimir as they free the Valkyries. The two additional warriors in the sequel will not be enough to replicate a similar pursuit, but Freya might have other plans for them.


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According to the God of War Wiki on Hrist, her name means “The quaking one” and she is a Valkyrie with the power of immortality. This would not be the first time players have had to fight a powerful entity. During the final battle of God of WarKratos defeated the immortal god Baldur. The second Valkyrie that was announced for God of War: Ragnarök is Gna. In Mythology, this character is a Norse Goddess and a messenger for the gods. Making her a Valkyrie is not the first time that the series has taken some liberty with these fantastical stories. The whole God of War franchise started with Kratos fighting against the Greek Pantheon. While the two new Valkyries may not be as numerous as the winged warriors in the previous game, players may still be rewarded handsomely.

Ragnarök’s New Valkyries May Reward Players With The Best Armor Again

God of War Valkyrie Armor

Defeating the hardest enemies in God of War is not necessary to beat the game, but the side quest is the only way to earn one of the best armor sets. Players can acquire the necessary materials needed to craft the equipment, by defeating Valkyries and exploring Niflheim. The intense battle with the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun in God of War must be won to obtain the last required resource. Each piece of armor gives a different effect while worn and is great for players that use Runic Attacks. While wearing the cuirass, Kratos will gain a low chance to prevent interruptions when attacked. The gauntlets give a low chance to refresh all Runic Attack cooldowns, and the waist armor has a high chance to grant the Blessing of Runic when using a Runic Attack. This buff increases the Runic damage Kratos does to enemies.

The final events of God of War directly set up a confrontation with Thor, Freya, and Odin. With the addition of the two powerful Valkyries, Hrist and Gna, players can rest assured that there will be many intense boss battles. Fans will not have to wait long to experience Kratos’s next adventure as God of War: Ragnarök is scheduled to be released later this year.

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