Franchise Stars Who Charge The Most For A Cameo Video

These Bachelor Nation stars’ Cameo videos don’t come cheap, but with their stellar reputations and popularity, they’re well worth the cash.

There are many ways to make money off of being a member of The Bachelor franchise, and Cameo videos can be very lucrative. These Bachelor Nation stars are the most expensive on Cameo, and a personalized video from them will set a fan back hundreds of dollars.

Some Bachelor Nation alum keep their Cameo prices low and churn out video after video to rack up significant cash. But these stars are the cream of the Bachelor franchise crop, and they believe their time is worth top dollar. A Cameo video from one of them would make excellent gifts for fans who really want to splurge.

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Robby Hayes – $150

It’s actually surprising to see a contestant as disliked as Robby charging so much for his videos. He wasn’t exactly a fan favorite on The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise and Robby has since faded into Bachelor Nation obscurity.

Eric Bigger – $150

eric bigger bachelor in paradise cropped

As the second runner-up from Rachel Lindsay’s season and as someone who quit Bachelor in Paradise, it’s safe to say Eric never found lasting love in Bachelor Nation. But he was a fan favorite, and though he hasn’t made any waves recently, he still has a decent following on Cameo.

Mike Johnson – $170

Mike Johnson in The Bachelorette

Mike gained a lot of fans during his time in Bachelor Nation, and there was once a huge push for Mike to become the first Black Bachelor before Matt James snagged the role. But Mike is still very popular in the franchise, despite being an outspoken critic of Bachelor Nation.

Peter Weber – $199

Peter Weber The Bachelor

Though Pilot Pete is known as one of the messiest Bachelor leads ever, his experiences probably make for some very interesting Cameo videos. Peter has an excellent rating on Cameo, so he’s clearly a very popular option in Bachelor Nation.

Colton Underwood – $250

Colton Underwood in The Bachelor

As an especially controversial member of Bachelor Nation, it’s surprising to see Colton’s Cameos priced so high, despite him being a former lead. Still, his journey towards coming out and being open about his sexuality resonates with many fans, and he seems especially well-liked on Cameo.

Trista Sutter – $250

It’s only fitting that the first ever Bachelorette would set her Cameo prices rather high, but with limited reviews it seems she’s not in very high demand. Though Trista has the pedigree for sky-high prices, she’s been out of the Bachelor Nation game for a while and may want to lower the cost of her Cameos if she wants to make more money off it.

Jesse Palmer – $299

jesse palmer the bachelor

The new host of The Bachelor offers some of the most expensive Cameos in Bachelor Nation, but so far fans have been enjoying the job he’s done on Clayton Echard’s season, and he could see his popularity on Cameo rise accordingly.

Chris Harrison – $350

Chris Harrison

While many viewers appreciate the new direction the franchise has gone, there are still a lot of old school fans who miss former host Chris Harrison. It’s no surprise that Harrison has set his prices high on Cameo, and with his sterling rating, it’s clear his followers love his videos.

Matthew M. Spraggins – $680

The most expensive Bachelor Nation member on Cameo is inexplicably a contestant who went home week 2 on Hannah Brown’s season. There are no reviews for his videos, so it’s unclear if he’s ever actually done one, and the barely-seen Bachelorette alum has set a completely baffling price.

Fans who don’t mind dropping large amounts of cash can find great gift options with these Bachelor franchise stars’ Cameo videos. Though the prices are high, any long-time Bachelor Nation viewers are likely to get their money’s worth.

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