Four Ways An iPhone Can Take A Hands-Free Photo

Apple makes it quick and easy to snap iPhone pictures without needing to press the on-screen shutter button, providing unique photo opportunities.

The iPhone has at least four ways to take a hands-free photo using Apple’s built-in Camera app. That means group selfies with the rear camera are possible and any concern about dropping an iPhone when trying to snap a picture while wearing gloves can be eliminated. Taking more and better photos usually result in catching unique moments, so it’s worth exploring the possibilities to go hands-free and get more in the picture.

There are plenty of specialized camera apps in Apple’s App Store that expand what is possible with an iPhone and the results can be quite interesting. However, the solid and dependable quality of photos and ease of use that comes with using Apple’s Camera app means that it’s the choice for most users time and again. It’s available right from the Lock Screen and handles nearly every need, even offering several hands-free options.


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The most obvious way to take a hands-free photo is by using the self-timer built into Apple’s Camera app and it works in Portrait mode as well as the standard Photo mode. To use the self-timer, swipe up to reveal the camera controls at the bottom. The self-timer icon looks a bit like a clock face. If that option isn’t visible, dragging the controls to the left will show more. Tapping the self-timer icon gives the option for a three-second or 10-second timer that starts when the shutter button is pressed. It’s also quite handy to ask Siri to ‘take a picture’ or ‘take a selfie.’ The shutter button still needs to be pressed but the Camera app is opened and switched to the front or rear camera. With some extra setup, Apple’s Voice Control can actually press the shutter as well.

Remote iPhone Camera Options

iPhone 12 Apple Watch In Black

A really cool feature of the Apple Watch is the Camera Remote app that connects to the iPhone. Even if the iPhone is asleep, opening this app on the Apple Watch wakes the iPhone, opens the Camera app, and provides a preview on the Apple Watch’s screen. Tapping the shutter button on the Apple Watch takes and stores a photo on the iPhone, and sends a preview to the Apple Watch as well. There are options to choose the front or rear camera, as well as using a self-timer from the Apple Watch.

Using a remote shutter is a really great way to get a better selfie or a group shot with the rear cameras. For those that don’t own an Apple Watch, there are Bluetooth remotes that are compatible with an iPhone and some selfie sticks come with a Bluetooth remote shutter. Third-party accessories like this can be a little troublesome to connect, but once a Bluetooth shutter is set up with an iPhone, it tends to work well. Whether using a remote control, the self-timer, or Siri to help with hands-free iPhone photos, it can make a big difference in the shots that are possible.

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