Fortnite Chapter 3: All Mailbox Locations

A new weekly challenge requires players to break mailboxes in Fortnite Chapter 3. A few can be found in some of the most popular areas in the map.

A new challenge requires players to break mailboxes in Fortnite chapter 3. More seasonal challenges are added to the game as the season progresses to keep things interesting. While the season doesn’t conclude until the end of March, there’s still that pressure to complete the Battle Pass before it’s over. Once the season concludes, all locked Battle Pass items will be unavailable, likely forever. This is because it’s important to clear out as many challenges as possible to make it to tier 100.

For season 3, players can unlock the Spider-Man skin in Fortnite as part of the Battle Pass, and one of the weekly challenges requires players to destroy mailboxes at Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers. The neat part about this challenge is that players can clear it out by heading to either location. Of course, there’s no need to go to both, but because these are Named Locations, they are typically frequented by other players. Therefore, it’s important to prepare beforehand in order to complete this challenge.


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The challenge requires players to break five mailboxes in total, rewarding them with 25,000 XP upon completion, so it’s recommended to land at Sleepy Sound at the start of the match. Compared to Tilted Tower, this location is much less populated and isolated. Landing in Tilted Towers would place players right in the middle of all the action, making it more difficult to find those mailboxes.

Fortnite Mailbox Locations in Tilted Towers and Sleepy Sound

If players opt to land in Tilted Towers, all the mailboxes are located in the northeast section of the map. Upon landing, it’s vital to grab a weapon or nearby shields as quickly as possible and pay attention to where other players land. It’s also possible for the mailboxes to already be destroyed in the area. If this happens, return and try to collect them as quickly as possible in the next match.

The mailboxes in Sleepy Sound are a bit more spread out but run through the town’s main strip. This area is less populated, but these mailboxes are much more out in the open. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide where they want to land, and there are tons of quality landing spots in Fortnite season 3 to choose from. Since this is a seasonal challenge, it will remain until the Battle Pass expires in March.

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