FiiO has released its JH3 1 Dynamic 2BA Driver In-Ear Monitor in India

The FiiO JH3 1 in-ear-monitor is priced at ₹4990 and will be available on the official website.

FiiO has brought its JH3 1 Dynamic 2BA Driver In-Ear Monitor (IEM) to India. It is armed with a triple driver setup for all three levels of frequency. You can connect to a device over wired or wireless solutions as long as the connector is 0.78mm in size with 2 pins. Let’s check out the rest of its features.

FiiO JH3 1 Specs and Features

As aforementioned, the earphones are equipped with a 13.6mm bass dynamic driver (DD) and two flagship-level balanced armature (BA) drivers for mids and treble. That is it’s a 1DD+ 2BA setup. The brand says with this IEM you would be able to enjoy a variety of music like HiFi music pieces, instrumental tracks, and pop chartbusters.  

The audio can be transmitted over a wired or wireless solution as long as you employ a 0.78 2mm connector. For example, to listen over Bluetooth, you can use the company’s own FiiO UTWS3. Do check this compatibility prerequisite before picking a replacement cable.

FiiO has released its JH3 1 Dynamic 2BA Driver In-Ear Monitor in India

The earpiece can be connected to a wide range of media-playing products like iOS/Android devices, laptops, desktop computers, etc. The female port has to be 3.5mm or you can take the Bluetooth route.

FiiO claims the JH3 1 has been approved by the Japan Audio Society (JAS) and CEA for its Hi-Res or Hi-Fi quality. 

Other specs include 10-40kHz of frequency response range, 106dB of impedance, and 28Ω sensitivity.

FiiO JH3 1 Price and Availability

Fiio has priced the JH3 1 at Rs. 4990 and you can purchase it on the official website as well as leading online and offline outlets. 

Now, whence you purchase it you would be getting accessories like headphone cable, carry case, instruction manual, 3 pairs of balanced ear tips (S, M, L sizes), 3 pairs of bass-centric ear tips (S, M, L sizes), and 1 pair of foam ear tips (M size). 

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