Fast And Furious: Deckard Shaw’s 10 Best Quotes

Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), a former MI6 operative turned mercenary, is introduced in the Fast and Furious franchise as the brother of villain Owen Shaw. Seeking to punish Dom and his crew for what they did to Owen, he causes plenty of mayhem before eventually agreeing to work with them on missions.

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Shaw has turned out to be one of the best characters in the franchise because he is not only formidable but also quite comical. Apart from cracking jokes as brilliantly as he beats people. Shaw may be an expert driver, but one way in which he impresses fans even more is through his brilliant dialogue.


When Shaw Calls Dom To Let Him Know He’s Coming For Him

“You Don’t Know Me. You’re About To.”

Deckard Shaw calls Dom to threaten him after crashing into Han in Furious 6

In the Fast & Furious 6 mid-credits scene, Deckard Shaw broadsides Han’s vehicle in Tokyo, appearing to have killed him. He then calls Dom to let him know that the hunt is on.

It’s quite the perfect way for a baddie to announce himself. It’s also scenes like these that make Shaw one of the Fast and Furious villains whom fans love. His words are a declaration of war, letting Dom know that he and his crew are about to pay dearly for what they did to Owen. He almost keeps his promise but in typical franchise fashion, he gets turned into a hero.

When Shaw Beats Up Baddies At A Party With A Champagne Bottle

“I’m What You Might Call A Champagne Problem.”

In a cross-cutting scene in Hobbs & Shaw, Hobbs is shown muscling his way through a tattoo parlor while Shaw arrives at a party in London. Shaw then describes himself as a champagne problem before going on to actually brutalize everyone with a champagne bottle.

In literal terms, a champagne problem is something that’s actually not that big of a deal when compared to other problems. Trust Shaw to not only make things even more literal by using a champagne bottle as a weapon but by also proving himself to be a much bigger problem than expected. By the scene coming quite early in the movie, it helps pump up the levels of excitement.

When Hobbs Finds Shaw At His Office

“One Second…”

Hobbs and Shaw fight in Furious 7

Soon after announcing his arrival, Shaw breaks into the Los Angeles DSS crew to extract files about Dom and his crew. Hobbs stops by and finds him but Shaw hilariously asks him to wait for him to finish before they can start fighting.

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The best villains are always those that are composed and courageous. Shaw is portrayed as both on this occasion. He isn’t bothered that a huge lawman is standing right at the door. The former MI6 operative is confident that he will extract the files and walk out of the office without Hobbs stopping him.

When Shaw Faces Off Against Dom

“You Never Should Have Messed With A Man’s Family.”

Dom fights Shaw in the streets in Fast & Furious

As soon as Shaw and Dom get introduced to each other, one of Shaw’s best qualities becomes clear. Like Dom, he adores his family and will do anything to punish whoever messes with them.

Though the words depict Shaw as a badass character that’s about to inflict paint for grievances caused, they also paint him as quite the hypocritical character. As Dom accurately points out, Shaw’s brother messed with his family too. Letty even developed health complications while working for Owen.

When Shaw Babysits Dom’s Baby While Fighting Off Cipher’s Goons

“Where’s That Smile? There It Is!”

Deckard Shaw fights while holding Dom's baby in Fast & Furious

Shaw proves himself as one of the best fighters in the Fast and Furious franchise when he takes on several of Cipher’s men inside a plane. And he does this while babysitting Dom’s baby.

The manner in which Shaw easily juggles between soothing a baby and obliterating baddies is more than outstanding, making it one of the overall best scenes in the franchise. It’s also a sweet moment because Shaw and Dom couldn’t see eye to eye at first and now he is doing everything to ensure no harm comes to his child.

When Shaw Unsuccessfully Tries To Get Rid Off Hobbs

“This Job Requires Stealth. Look At You. I Mean, Granted, It’s Not Your Fault. But You’re Too Obvious.”

Deckard Shaw mocks Luke Hpbbs about his size in Hobbs and Shaw

Shaw isn’t too happy when he gets paired with Hobbs again in order to stop Brixton Lore. He tries to get rid of him at an airport but he still shows up on the plane, causing Shaw to tear into him.

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Hobbs and Shaw enjoy throwing shady burns at each other and this is but one of the best ones. Shaw doesn’t hide his opinion about Hobbs’ physique. He believes he is too huge to do spy work, adding that his size makes enemies notice him easily. He is right but history has proven that Hobbs doesn’t need to hide in order to cause damage.

When Shaw Speaks To A Comatose Owen At The Hospital

“Rest Now, Little Brother. I Want To Settle Your One Last Score.”

Deckard Shaw looks at Owen in the hospital

At the start of Furious 7, Shaw visits his comatose brother at the hospital where he goes on a lengthy monologue about how he always finished fights for him when they were kids. He then promises to get revenge for him.

It’s a great family moment that also prepares audiences for the battles that are to come. With these words, Shaw also suggests that he is a better villain than his brother. He is confident he won’t struggle to take down Dom and his crew like Owen did. However, things don’t end up being as easy for him as he expected.

When Shaw’s Told He’ll Be Working With Hobbs Again

“She-Hulk Here Only Knows How To Smash.”

Shaw is furious when he is told that he’ll partner up with someone to take down Brixton only to learn that it’s Hobbs. He jokingly claims that Hobbs knows nothing other than violently smashing people like She-Hulk.

It’s a nice pop culture reference that also doubles as burn. Shaw could have easily referenced the Hulk but he chooses to go with She-Hulk in order to piss off Hobbs more. Though Hobbs also gets to throw insults of his own, they don’t quite match Shaw’s superior verbal jobs. But as expected, the two eventually agree to work together.

When Dom Tries To Catch Shaw By Surprise

“Well, I Got A Lot Of Friends.”

Deckard Shaw stays calm when Dom ambushes him in Furious 7

At the height of their rivalry, Dom leads a team to ambush Shaw as he is eating. It turns out Shaw is expecting them with a backup team of his own that includes Mose Jakande. He goes on a monologue about friends and when Dom insists he has ‘family,’ not friends, Shaw says he’s different because he has plenty of friends.

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Having previously worked in the military as well as the intelligence community, Shaw knows better than to be ambushed. On this particular occasion, friends turn out to be stronger than ‘family’ since Dom and Brian are forced to retreat and abandon their plan to acquire God’s Eye when Jakande’s team kills Mr. Nobody’s chief lieutenant.

When Shaw Visits Queenie

“If You Can’t Break Out Of A S—ty Prison Like This, Then You’re Really Slipping, Mom.”

Shaw advises Queenie to break out of prison in Hobbs & Shaw

Shaw isn’t impressed when he visits his mother in prison and realizes she is just sitting tight. Given her criminal expertise, he expected her to have broken out a long time ago.

Everyone in the Shaw family is somewhat of a formidable villain and no other moment illustrates that better than this one. Shaw is right about his mother getting too comfortable because she has demonstrated superior skills a couple of other times in the franchise. For example, she easily evades the police after stealing jewelry in the middle of a busy street.

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