Doron Dororon’s ‘Great Disaster’ Monster Is a Huge Missed Opportunity

An attack from the mononoke Hanya Gyuuk reminded Doron Dororon readers that the hero Dora could have been a vigilante – but he wasn’t.

Warning! Minor spoilers ahead for Dora Dororon chapter 8!

The sudden emergence of a powerful mononoke – or monster – called Hanya Gyuuk that caused the so-called Great Disaster reminds fans of a trope mangaka Gen Oosuka completely ignored earlier in Doron Dororon. If he had actually pursued this plotline, now would have been the perfect time for Oosuka to have concluded what is now nothing more than a missed opportunity.  

Oosuka set up his Doron Dororon protagonist Dora to work in the shadows as a rogue hero, wielding the power of the enemy to defeat that very same enemy. Before this perfect opportunity presented itself, Dora attempted to become a samurai so he could vanquish mononoke but failed during an admission test because he didn’t possess the right power. Ironically, he later acquired a version of this power in an unprecedented manner when he began wielding an actual mononoke named Kusanagi like a katana who, unlike his fellow monsters, wished to create a kinder world. This created a very unique dynamic because the samurai would have undoubtedly come to view Dora as a criminal for fraternizing with the enemy even though he would have technically been helping them.


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But once Dora began working on his own with Kusanagi, the powerful samurai Ginchiyo Yagyu immediately found and enlisted them to serve as her associates with the means of helping her rise through the ranks, eliminating the particular conflict of them having to work in secret altogether. Not surprisingly, the following chapters of Doron Dororon where Dora came to know Ginchiyo were quite sluggish. Ginchiyo herself is more of an annoyance whose main schtick is being overly impressed by her own actions and finding ways to take credit for Dora’s own successes, usually by congratulating herself for seeing his true potential. While the two (plus Kusanagi) battle alongside each other, the most exciting events that transpired from these lackluster altercations occurred whenever Kusanagi transformed into various objects including a giant fan and a supportive surface that lessened the impact of a fall when Dora was once knocked off his feet.

The manga’s first big milestone took place when the mononoke that caused the Great Disaster called Hanya Gyuuk appeared. Readers not only learned that this particular monster killed Dora’s mother but saw Dora get into his first argument with Kusanagi during Doron Dororon‘s most emotional moment to date. Because Dora loses control and uses Kusanagi to attack the mononoke foolhardily with no strategy in mind, this would have been the perfect time for Ginchiyo to have discovered him. Dora’s defenses would have been down during his agitated state and therefore would not have employed the same tactics that he would have most likely been using before then to keep himself hidden from other samurai.

An earlier manga that Shonen Jump axed called Candy Flurry employed a similar trope when the main character Tsumugi Minase attempted to join a police group that hunted so-called sweets users who could conjure treats out of thin air. This complicated things since Tsumugi herself was a sweets user. But she wasn’t just any sweets user. She wielded a lollipop, which an unknown villain used to destroy Tokyo years before. This understandably created quite a bit of tension during the early chapters before she was finally discovered. Alas, mangaka Gen Oosuka never went down this path in Doron Dororon and instead threw his hero Dora into the arms of the annoying Ginchiyo Yagyu too early. Luckily, the latest chapter of Doron Dororon adds compelling context to her character, so she will likely improve to those who find her personality irritating – even though she discovered Dora at the wrong time.

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