Congress candidate seen promoting photos of Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale

On January 28, Congress Candidate from Baghapurana constituency, Moga, Punjab, Darshan Singh Brar promoted a Facebook Live session with an image of Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The live session was specifically for the residents of village Rode, where Bhindranwale was born. The image used in the poster had a caption, “Fourteenth chief of Damdami Taksal, singer of Gurbani, great warrior, Amar shaheed Sant Jarnail Sant Gyani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindra Wale”, written in Punjabi.

Congress leader Darshan Singh Brar promoted Facebook Live with Bhindranwale’s photo.

Brar had refused to comment when Bhindranwale’s house was turned into Gurudwara

In 2007, the conversion of Bhindranwale’s ancestral house to a Gurudwara was started under the supervision of Damdami Taksal. It was named Gurudwara Sant Khalsa. At that time, Jasvir Singh Rode, nephew of Bhindranwale, had informed Indian Express that Bhindranwale’s photographs would be installed in the langar hall, library and an education institute in the Gurudwara.

When Brar was approached by IE for comment, he refused to say anything and claimed it was the internal matter of the residents of the village. According to the granthi of the Gurudwara, no one had opposed the construction.

Punjab Assembly Elections

Punjab will vote for the upcoming Assembly elections on February 20. The voting will be done in a single phase. The results will be announced on March 10 along with other states.

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