Bob Saget Cooks Bacon for Desiigner in His Final Role: Watch

Perhaps not the parting gift we deserve, but definitely the parting gift we need: Desiigner has shared the music video for his new single “Bakin,’” which stars, of all people, the late, great, Bob Saget, in one of his final roles.

Alongside co-writers Slushii and DJ Whoo Kid, Saget makes bacon (with the help of sous-chef/adult film star Kendra Sunderland) for Desiigner in the music video, a double entendre that the actor himself called “the best dad joke ever” in behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. America’s Dad probably isn’t the personal chef most rappers would think to hire for their baking needs, but when Desiigner calls his pal Snoop Dogg at the beginning of the clip looking for recommendations, Snoop insists, “Get Bob on the job.” Thank God he pulled through.

DJ Whoo Kid told Rolling Stone that nobody expected Saget to actually do the music video until he showed up to the set in December — just weeks before he was found dead after suffering head trauma while on a standup tour. “When you have rappers pull up for videos, they bring a Maybach, or rent a Lambo, they show off,” the artist said. “He shows up and parks his Lexus on the grass and comes in looking like a dad.”

The unexpected casting of Saget for the video, of course, is what makes it great. Donning a chef’s hat, bobbing along to the flute-heavy track and catching racks of cash, the sight of the 65-year-old comedian with a sex worker and three rappers evokes the same feeling we all had when we first saw Saget do standup outside the Full House set.

Intended to be a lighthearted surprise gag, Desiigner told Rolling Stone that “Bakin’” has taken on a bittersweet new meaning since Saget’s death. “Full House, Nick at Nite, Bob Saget used to rock me to sleep at night man,” the rapper said. “It was a starstruck moment for me seeing him bumping to my music. After he passed away, it was different seeing that now that he’s back with the universe. We want to turn this up for Bob, you could say this is a going home party for him.” Watch the going home party below.

Saget was found dead inside of a hotel room in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, January 9th. He was laid to rest a week later at a funeral service attended by his Full House co-stars, as well as fellow comedians like Jeff Ross, Judd Apatow, Dave Chappelle, and Norman Lear. Widespread fixation on Saget’s sudden death led a Florida judge to grant a request by the actor’s family to temporarily block the release of any photos, videos, or other records related to the investigation into his passing.

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