Batman Beyond Batarang Replica Coming Soon (But Why Isn’t It Red?)

NECA Toys unveils its new Batman Beyond replica Batarang toy, but fans are surprised at its blue lights, differing from the show’s usual red look.

Fans of Batman Beyond can finally get their hands on a replica toy of the show’s recognisable Batarang design – but they may be surprised at its color. Batman Beyond, which emerged from the success of Batman: The Animated Series, debuted on Kids’ WB in 1999 and followed the futuristic adventures of Terry McGinnis in the 2040s as he takes the mantle of the Dark Knight from an elderly Bruce Wayne. The cartoon was an original hit for DC and has since been integrated into the Batman mythos.

The show’s fans can now find an authentic replica of Batman Beyond’s futuristic Batarang courtesy of NECA Toys. NECA, which specializes in high-end display figures and replica props, are a popular fan-oriented merchandise shop and have previously produced hit products based on comics, horror films, and more. Their new life-size Batarang is based on the design of the futuristic cartoon, with a sleek, angular appearance complete with LED-lights. The prop will be shipping to various stores, including Target, but some fans will be disappointed in the choice of color. Check out the announcement post below:


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Rather than the recognizable red lights of the show’s Batarang, which matched the black and red costume of its hero, this replica is based on the specialized blue Batarangs featured briefly in one-off adventures. Some fans are already calling for a red option to match the most familiar version of the prop. Either way, this Batman Beyond Batarang prop is still a must-have for DC fans who are eager to see more of the beloved show.

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Source: NECA Toys / Instagram

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