Attack on Titan Episode 80 Trailer Teases Big Reveals About Titan History

The “Next time” preview for Attack on Titan episode 80, “From You, 2000 Years Ago” teases medieval battles, the Fritz family, and Titan history.

The “Next time” preview for Attack on Titan episode 80, “From You, 2000 Years Ago” teases medieval battles, the Fritz family, and Titan history. The second half of the fourth final series began airing in January 2022. The hit anime series is based on Hajime Isayama’s dark fantasy manga that ended in April 2021.

After a brief break, Attack on Titan season 4 returned with shocking twists that completely changed the series for many. After turning his back on half-brother Zeke’s (Takehito Koyasu), Eren (Yuki Kaji) uses the Paths to take a trip through the memories of their father, Grisha (Hiroshi Tsuchida), seeing the events of the fall of Wall Maria from his perspective. Witnessing their father take the power of the Attack Titan and wipe out the Fritz family, Eren urges Grisha to kill the family when he hesitates, leading to Eren having direct involvement in the events leading up to the series. Revisiting old events at a new angle, Attack on Titan‘s episode 79’s shocking events shed a new light on the series, with episode 80 promising to further reveal more secrets.


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Shared by the Attack on Titan Wiki‘s Twitter account, the short clip features the “next time” preview from episode 79. Titled “From You, 2000 Years Ago“, the preview for the episode pulls focus away from Eren and Zeke, with the protagonist only making a brief appearance in the teaser. Instead, the trailer takes a step back in time, focusing on Historia (Shiori Mikami) and Frieda Reiss (Yōko Hikasa) in their youth before the fall of Wall Maria. The teaser also offered a glimpse at armies clad in medieval-inspired armor, Ymir Fritz, and an as-of-yet unrevealed female titan, while the narration promises to tell the story of the Titans’ beginnings. Check out the full preview below.

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With Kaji teasing emotional Eren moments, the final season promises to bring many shocking manga moments to life. Much of the promotional material has teased the divide between Eren, Mikasa (Yui Ishikawa), and Armin (Marina Inoue). Recent episodes have shown the protagonist’s former friends being unsure of Eren’s intentions after breaking out of imprisonment. Though Armin put his faith in Eren and expected him to turn on Zeke’s plan, Mikasa is seen questioning her loyalties to Eren. While fans have been watching the series so far with the original Japanese voice cast, Funimation has confirmed the final season will receive an English simuldub on February 13th, with the English cast returning to reprise their roles.

As season 4 brings Attack on Titan‘s story to a close, episode 80 promises to finally reveal the Titans’ complete origins to fans. The series has slowly explored the truth surrounding the walled cities of Paradis since it began, gradually revealing secrets about the world beyond the sea in season 3 and exploring Marley in season 4’s first half. With Ymir Fritz making an appearance in the preview, perhaps episode 80 will finally reveal the tale of this mysterious figure.

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